Connections by Iles Formula
Connections by Iles Formula
Fun and efficiency can work together. That's what happens when the same group of professionals are booked together time and again on campaigns. As time passes we become a team. Director Charles Mehling and creative director Kasia Botogowska are part of those "team families" I work often with.

Thats not to say I don't like new teams, I do, as it presents the challenge of discovering new people and the satisfaction that brings me when they rebook for other projects, in time becoming a family team also.

Makeup artist Georgina Graham snapped this shot above left of  Charles and I after an Olay shooting and above right Charles and I on a Pantene set with actress Olga Kurylenko who became famous after her role as the James Bond girl in "Quantum of Solace ". Her latest movie  "Oblivion"  (co star to Tom Cruise) was released this month in the cinemas . Here is a trailer of that movie.

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