Daisy Chains

Daisy Chains by Iles Formula
Do you remember daisy chains ? For those of us in the northern hemisphere, spring is upon us and the daisies are in bloom. A perfect accessory for the long lace dresses of  this season. Why not create your own daisy chain ? Wear it as a garland or entwine them through a braid, cute isn't it ?!

The traditional way  is with the small white daisies we find on lawns in spring, but I also like how Alexa Chung created hers from an assortment of small fresh flowers of  different colors (below left).

Daisy chains are easy and fun to make. Take the stalk of each daisy and pierce with your nail a small slit in the middle of each stalk to feed the next daisy into. It anchors in place when the flower head meets the stalk. Repeat the same again with the next stem and so on. Otherwise here are some  how to do videos   to guide you.
Daisy Chains by Iles Formula

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