Easy-To-Do Back-To-School Hairstyles #WendyIles

Easy-To-Do Back-To-School Hairstyles #WendyIles by Iles Formula
Easy-To-Do Back-To-School Hairstyles

It’s back to school season! With so many things to do on the busy mornings before class, it’s hard to find time to do your daughter's hair. Here are some tips on maximizing your time while stylishly ensuring a comfortable but cute look for your child:

The braid halo is a very sweet hairdo, and super easy to do. Part hair in centre back. Start braiding 2 simple plaits at the back of the head and secure the ends with tiny invisible  elastics. Then bring them up around the head entwining the ends together  as they meet in the front.. Pin securly in place with bobby pins and  U shaped fine fringe pins .

Perhaps the easiest and least time consuming is the Half Updo. This works quite well because it provides a margin for being slightly messy while also having some form and style in the hair. This is a timeless childs hairdo .

The next super easy trick is to braid the hair after washing it the night before school. After you unwind the hair in the morning, you'll have beautifully pressed waves! Little girls adore this style .

The Iles Formula conditioner is perfect for children's hair as it detangles instantly, knots and tangles just slide away. This will help strengthen your child's hair, prevent against split ends and breakage while leaving the hair feeling silky smooth for the duration of the school day.

On a daily basis the Iles Formula finishing serum can be applied to dry hair to protect your child's hair from harsh sunlight, heated tools if you use them and helps seal down split ends.

Here are a few inspirational hair do's found on some of our favorite celebrity children:

Topknot loved by North West and Harper Beckham... Choose your hair bands well. Don't use  rubber bands, as they will break your child's hair; use elastic that is coated with fabric.
Easy-To-Do Back-To-School Hairstyles #WendyIles by Iles Formula
Easy-To-Do Back-To-School Hairstyles #WendyIles by Iles Formula
Blue Ivy in ribboned pigtails.
Easy-To-Do Back-To-School Hairstyles #WendyIles by Iles Formula
Harper Beckham's plaits with ribbon or try gigantic ribbons on the ends. A great trick to secure the ends of braids is to use the tiny elastic bands one has on their teeth with braces ...They are an invisible colour and very tiny, making them perfect for the few little ends at the bottom of plaits. The side ribbon can be tied onto a hair pin to secure it in place. I always think home tied ribbons are much more attractive than the commercial ones already made up.
Easy-To-Do Back-To-School Hairstyles #WendyIles by Iles Formula
Just love this rather 60’s inspired “Do” little bit of volume on crown area. No doubt about Victoria Beckham as a Mum she knows what works with the right overcoat!
Easy-To-Do Back-To-School Hairstyles #WendyIles by Iles Formula

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