Everything you need to know about a hair turban

What is a hair turban?

A hair turban is a microfiber towel that can be used to gently wrap your hair and dry it with the highest of care. Since it is a textile that is made of microscopic fibers that are 100 times finer than hair, it allows the towel to have a large amount of surface area for increased absorption. A microfiber cloth can even hold up to seven times its weight in water!

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Who should use a hair turban?

Quite frankly, anyone who wants soft and silky-smooth hair can benefit from using a hair turban! It used to be only the curly girlies who opted for this hair-drying technique, but now we have found that everyone can get the tresses of their dreams by using a hair turban instead of a regular cloth towel. Especially if you have weaker, damaged, or color-treated hair, using a turban like this is an absolute must.

What are the benefits?

Using a regular cotton towel to dry your hair can leave behind split ends and weak hair due to the friction between the fabric and the hair shaft. Unwanted frizz and damaged hair are unfortunate side effects of this. Luckily, you can use a soft and luxurious hair turban to cause less stress to the hair leaving behind silky tresses!

A hair turban is made of a microfiber towel which allows it to remove the excess water from the hair before you go on to blow dry and style it. This allows you to dry your hair faster and easier than other, lesser-quality towels. Because the turban reduces friction and therefore relieves your hair of damage and frizz, it is ideal for giving your hair a healthy, glossy appearance. Not only will it help your hair maintain its lustrous look, but it will also allow you to apply your makeup or skincare by keeping all your locks pulled back neatly and away from your face.


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Iles Formula Hair Turban

Now that we have discussed just how important using a hair turban is, we can move on to why the Iles Formula Hair Turban is uniquely fit to be the best one you can find. Available in both colors white and gray, the Iles Formula Hair Turban is made with only the highest quality microfiber fabric making it luxuriously soft and intensely absorbent. Whisk your hair up into a twist under this sumptuously smooth cloth without any static, frizz, or damage from your regular towel. 

With the generous size of the Iles Formula Hair Turban, you can hold much longer and thicker hair than with other hair turbans. It also has an elasticized band that is easily adjustable to all head sizes and hair lengths. If you have shorter hair, no worries! Just a few more twists of the turban and you are all set. With an added secure button and loop, you can be sure that this luxurious microfiber towel will fit your needs. It also comes with a sustainable, easy-to-pack bag which allows you to bring it with you when you travel or along to the gym. With an interior so soft it feels like cashmere, the Iles Formula Hair Turban  ensures the gentlest of interactions with the hair shaft.

This Black Friday give the gift of glossy, healthy tresses with a complimentary Iles Formula Hair Turban valued at $34 when you purchase over $200 on our website.


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