"Filming under Brooklyn Bridge" do you remember? It was my first entree in the blog and I promised you to publish  the video when released. Here is ''Whisper'' for Mabelline NY featuring  Charlotte Free , Kemp Mulh and Freja Beha Erichsen. The director Jonas Akerlund bought the most out in all the girls.

Charlotte who made pink hair popular again last year, just as she is in real life , pure rock and roll, playing herself naughty and cute. I remember when she turned up for work with her hair fushia hot pink ! We spent an hour trying to wash it down to a soft candy tone, ( not an easy task in a location van parked on a street !) I quite liked the fushia pink but our creative director had another idea . Stressful to start my day with that story but at the same time humorous .

Kemp is very creative. She is always reading  up on interesting subjects, and is full of good informations.  She is engaged to John Lennon and Yoko Ono's son, Sean.

Freja is naturally very reserved and shy, I always get surprised to see her turn the character she is on film.



You can also watch the other film we made, "Rocket", on my Facebook.

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