For Good and Steamy Working Days

It's a Buddhist custom before a shoot to say a prayer to the Gods for a good days filming . I first came to know that custom with my Bangkok filming  where the table I work at  was always decked out each morning with  fresh offerings of flowers and incense for Buddah . For me it always worked and this time was no exception. I was happy to meet up again with Maybelline team in  Taiwan  and our two muses Emily Didonato and chinese celebrity Annie Chen .

This was my first visit to Taipei and it was steamy hot. I don't think I have ever know heat like it, almost unbearable …but maybe because I was obliged to stay out in it , as I was working not on holiday .

The production installed a big industrial air conditioner inside the tent that we used for makeup and hair retouch to keep our stars Emily and Annie looking fresh and gorgeous .It was a cool haven and so necessary .The problem with heat like that is the humidity that quickly has even straight Asian hair appearing frizzy .Humid heat is my worst enemy when working.

It was a complicated shoot because of the climate and I was happy to have the energy of the crew prayer before shooting!

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