French Girl Fringe That Will Have You Ready To Cut Your Hair

We always hear women speak about how they love how the French women always look so effortless chic and put together.  Their wardrobe is built around classics and always looks so polished.  Equally as desirable is their hair...How often do we hear the names Caroline de Maigret, Charlotte Gainsburg and Lou Doillon referenced for their cool french girl hair that just remains a timeless look. The French women in general really know how to do it when it comes to beauty and fashion.  In this journal that is exactly what we are focused on, the hair, and more specifically, French Girl Fringe That Will Have You Ready To Cut Your Hair.  Get ready to start pinning these images to your Pinterest because you are definitely going to want to share at least one of these with your hairdresser.

French Girl Fringe That Will Have You Ready To Cut Your Hair by Iles Formula

When it comes to French Girl Fringe That Will Have You Ready To Cut Your Hair, there are a few things to consider.  First, you want to be sure that you are willing to commit to styling them every day, because they are going to need it.  With that being said, if you do decide to go for a fringe, you can refresh the fringe without having to completely wash your entire head of hair.  Here is what you will do.  Spritz them down with a bit of water, add some Iles Formula Finishing Serum and take a round brush and hair dryer to them and voila your fringe will be looking good as new.

Many of you that have worn fringe before know how quickly they can grow out, so be sure to get on a routine with your hairstylist to have them cleaned up regularly.  Every 3-4 weeks you will be feeling like its time for a snip.  By committing to popping into the salon you will avoid the temptation to trim them yourself, which as you may know can be a disaster.

French Girl Fringe That Will Have You Ready To Cut Your Hair by Iles Formula

The beautiful thing about fringe, is they can be worn with pretty much any length of hair.  To stay current, pair them with a chin length loose textured bob, or a mid length cut where the natural texture is encouraged.  Go for a style that looks like your hair dried naturally, a soft and lived in wave if you will.  The perfect product for this is our Finishing Serum that will provide you with the control you need, but the texture you desire.  Our serum can be applied to wet or dry hair and provides all the protection and finish you need for the perfect style.

French Girl Fringe That Will Have You Ready To Cut Your Hair by Iles Formula 


A French girl fringe with chin bangs is one of our all time favorites on long hair. Jane Birkin wore it perfectly in the 70's and we have seen her french daughter Lou Doillon wear it  since magnificently.

French girl hair is more about what she isn't doing with it than what she is...If your anything like the beauties of France, then this low maintenance style is just enough change to have all your girlfriends envious of your new "do".  Let's be honest, a fringe is typically worn by the chic stylish fun loving gals, so if your ready to dive in head first, then the time is now.  Hop on the hair bandwagon and get your French Girl Fringe right away.

There are many different ways to wear bangs, and you will want to chat it up with your hairstylist to determine which bangs are right for your face shape.  Whatever you decide, be sure to ask your stylist to keep them soft and a little bit wispy.  When styling, allow them to fall naturally, for best results.

Are you ready to snip your fringe right now? Its no wonder since every "it" girl right now is wearing a fringe.  Which of the one's above are your favorites?  Perhaps you are already wearing fringe?  If so, share with us your French Girl Fringe by tagging us @ilesformula_hair and #IlesFormula.

 Au Revoir 💋

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