Frothy Curls

Frothy Curls by Iles Formula
Frothy Curls is an image I did several years ago for a French beauty editorial with photographer Felix Lammers  and makeup artist Yasmin Heinz . The image had a great sucess with Elle Germany re using it as a beauty story and also Phytoplage bought it to use for a hair campaign .

It was one of those late night sessions where more images were not really planned and the photographer asked for one last picture . I took  a small curling iron and started to do a big curly hair visual, not really sure what i'd get as the models hair was pretty fine and fluffy in quality ... I brushed the curl out thinking in my head a fairyfloss texture.  The photographer's light was perfect to exaggerate the softness and lightness of the curl. It remains one of my favorite curly hair images.

Felix Lammers was selected by the publishing company Printkultur to be featured in "Archives" a book about hair available at

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    Frothy Curls

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