Germany's Next Top Model - Final 2013

19000 people seated in one arena and televised live ! Thats a bit intimidating when I'd need to dash up on stage during commercial breaks to retouch Heidi's hair. There were light sources coming in from everywhere creating lots of shadows on Heidi's face, so we decided to simply tie her hair away in a clean chic ponytail. Problem solved, no more shadows. This made my job relatively easy, so I did get to enjoy my front row seat watching her show and the guest artists: Robin Thicke , Psy, and Bruno Mars.

This was the final job with Heidi after more than a week together, starting off with the Festival of Cannes, then an Astor campaign in London, several  press conferences in Berlin and Frankfurt and now finishing up with the final of Germanys Next Top Model which she has hosted for nearly 8 years now.

I loved being on the road with Heidi. She is a  beautiful, dynamic, kind and very talented woman.

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