Hair Questions Answered by Wendy Iles

Firstly I want to thank you for your continued questions that I usually answer on comments of this page.

This week I decided to post some of the most frequently asked questions in hope that my answers  will help many others with similar complaints.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have a question I've missed.


Hair Questions Answered by Wendy Iles by Iles Formula

1/@rim : Which model of #GHD styler is best ? What brushes do you use ?

The straightener I prefer best is the GHD Gold Classic. There is a later version called “Eclipse” but I don’t like it as much, the sides are too thick which makes adding soft movement with a straightener a difficult task. My favorite styling brush is a metal tooth wig brush. For blow drying, I use ceramic + ion round brushes from Olivia Garden.

2/ @CiaraCheryl : What can I do to keep curls soft, shiny, not crispy and dry looking after curling my hair ?

It sounds like you use  styling mousse on your hair. This is often the culprit in making the hair feel crunchy or crispy. If this is not the case then you definitely need some good conditioning. I never use styling products when I’m styling. It’s not necessary if you tong your hair correctly.  All I ever use is the Iles Formula Signature Collection of 3 formulas. If I can not use the shampoo and conditioner then I most definatly  use the finishing serum. This formula  not only protects hair from heat, color fade and humidity but delivers memory to the hair without ever weighing the hair down, so this is definatly a goer for you.  As an extra step, once you have tonged each section, pin the hair up into place around the fingers like an invisible roller. Let it cool. Once cold the curl will last if it has been formed correctly while curling and cooling. It will also have a lovely softness to it. The Iles Formula Signature Collection will definatly deliver sumptuous lustrous hair , its guarenteed!

3/ and 4/  @annettexb  and  @karouuex  : My hair is extremely thick and very long. It’s always so frizzy and I can’t find a way to make it look nice without having to straighten it, which I don’t have time for.

Start by trimming the ends, if they are really dry as they only contribute to the frizziness. You do need to make an effort when you wash your hair. The Iles Formula Signature Collection delivers INSTANT repair to ALL hair types . The results are phenomenal and instant.

Look at the technique I’ve posted below. The wrapping up of the hair at night when you sleep is a super trick to keep your blow dry looking great. I do this technique often when I sleep and next morning my hair drops down with nice volume and sexy movement. I rarely brush my hair. I use a large tooth comb between washes to keep the good texture in place. I use the  Iles Formula Finishing Serum daily to prevent frizz.

5/a Kathryn Fox : What products do you suggest for fine thinning hair?

5/b luvcherylfv12 : What is best way to prevent hair loss? Are there any good shampoos and conditioners that help ?

If the hair is thinning due to real hair loss Nioxin is the recommended treatment, and if it persists please visit a doctor.  If your hair is just fine and lank, try blow drying in the Iles Finishing Serum This serum transforms fine thin hair to feel fatter, just like it makes thick coarse hair feel more calm. It's magical, but the trick is to blow dry it in as the heat of the dryer wraps the silk ingredient around the hair shaft delivering gorgeousness. Read the reviews on this product, people are obsessed.

6/@secret_singer4ever : My hair is too dry and I have split ends. What can I do ?

It's always best to trim off split ends and then use  Iles Formula Finishing Serum daily. This serum over time will seal down split ends.

7/elyshiacherylx : I always get split ends. How do I stop this ?

Please follow my recipe above.

8/ @tonijayelewis : Whether I straighten or curl my hair I have so much trouble keeping the style. Is there anything I can do to solve this ?

Take a look at my answer in question 2.

9/@alemandra1988 :  My hair used to be ash blonde and now it’s more brown blonde ( I’ve never dyed it ). Is there any chance to get back my ash blonde color?

It is certainly possible to get your ash blonde back, but it would require lifting the color. I would suggest using a professional for this. I’d also suggest not getting a block color lift as the up keep is too much. Better to ask for very fine meshes of your ash blonde color sprinkled through your existing color. As we get older our hair color does alter, also during winter months without sunshine especially blondes will notice the hair is darker than in summer.

10/ @imoeva : Fighting dandruff has always been a lost battle no matter what i do to this hair monster … any advice ?

Did you know taking an additive of  Selenium can be very benefical against dandruff ?   Read more on Selenium here

Selsun Blue –is the sugested shampoo to use. I do suggest you use a conditioner if your hair is long on your mid lengths and ends after using such a shampoo. It’s a medical treatment for a purpose so it may dry out the length of long hair.

11/ @iamhannah : How should you stop really thick hair going all bushy and horrible. I have it thinned that does not help and once it’s washed it goes back really bushy and kind triangular if that makes sense?

Firstly that triangular shape you speak about is because of all the thinning you do. Please stop to thin your hair, as you are just adding to the problem of thicker looking roots and thinner ends. The trick is to add weight to the roots so the hair is heavier and lays flatter. By thinning you are releasing the weight, so the hair all pumps up at the roots ! I see on your site your hair is long. This is helpful as it adds weight. The recipe I gave to Question 5. (See images ) It’s a super technique to wake up having your hair looking great. Give it a try. There are also Brazilian blow outs and straightening that will help much more than thinning the hair out. Definatly look into Iles Formula Hair Mask. This will discipline your locks from the very first use.

12/ @fefe-malaka : How do I get thicker hair please ?

There is no way to make the hair thicker than what you have, it’s to do with how many hair follicles you have. You can certainly make the hair appear and feel stronger by care and have it appear thicker with repair products. You can also have a few tracks of clip on extension that you can place in under the back of the crown to add weight to the hair. See image below. Beauty Works has a good selection.

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