Hair Testimonial using Iles Formula

Hair Testimonial using Iles Formula by ILes Formula
In order to put a real testimonial film together to show you how rapidly Iles Formula works, we did a street casting of women with real hair problems. I didn't choose them for their perfect hair, quite the contrary, I casted them for their difficult or problem hair. From frizzy damaged hair, dry hair with broken ends, old color, no shine, and coarse grey hair to very fine fluffy textured hair.

I used no hair extensions and no retouch on the film. What you see is just one treatment of Iles Formula on the hair.

The video below contains my story and testimonials and on our site under videos you will find the individual testimonial films of these women and you can see for yourself the difference in their hair texture  before and after just one restorative treatment.

The key to the Iles formula lies in the simple fact that it works fast to repair damaged hair and delivers long lasting results. Perfectly healthy hair no matter the texture or length. No need to use products that take days or even months to work.

For several years these 3 innovative formulas have been the irreplaceable tools in my freelance hairdressing kit. They have won me accolades as the hairdresser who delivers spun silk hair.

I have traveled the world using them on distressed celebrity hair in many countries in Europe, America, China, Japan, Australia, India, Arabia and Africa. They performed perfectly every time on all hair types no matter the texture or length.

Iles Formula is unbeatable in performance and value. At the encouragement of my valued clients, I have now opened up an e-shop to make these unique formulations available to the public.

Come visit us there and try my 3 on-set formulas:

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