Halloween Hair and Beauty Ideas

It's Halloween time again. There is quite a buzz going on in the industry about what to wear for Halloween.  Every year, around this time we are all searching for Halloween Hair Ideas for the nights celebrations.  Maybe this post will give you some inspiration for what you will choose. We are a fan at staying relatively elegant even though it is Halloween, so have chosen images accordingly to keep ourselves attractive.

Halloween Hair and Beauty Ideas by Iles Formula

On the desk of our Co Founder Wendy Iles, sits an invitation to one of New York's biggest Halloween events,  an invitation that will be full of the who's who's on the US TV media and fashion circuit. An invitation to celebrate the holiday with one of her dear clients Heidi Klum.  What stress, what to wear when everyone is going to such extremes to look their haunting best! She says she can only pretend with her vivid imagination how she would dress, as her work has her stuck in Paris on this special date, too far away to even anticipate catching a plane to arrive on time.

Here are some Halloween Hair and Beauty Ideas  to interpret the Halloween festive look, but keep it looking fashionable .

Wednesday | Addams Family

This look can be a very simple option, as it literally is wearing 2 side braids if your hair is already dark, or finding the perfect wig to copy the style.  If you opt to braid your own hair, use a bit of our Iles Formula Finishing Serum to add control while braiding.  If you opt to add a widows peak like the second image, its very easy to do.  Simply use a black eyeliner to draw a triangle right at the front center hairline.  Pair a black skirt and top, a white collared shirt underneath, and some black and white striped socks and you are literally set with this option.

For makeup, keep it simple, find some foundation and face powder that is lighter than your actual skin tone, next add a soft smokey eye and a deep blood red or black lip.

Halloween Hair and Beauty Ideas by Iles Formula

Halloween Hair and Beauty Ideas by Iles Formula

Avant Garde Halloween Hair

This next look is very inspiring.  Works great with shorter hairstyles. Direct all of the hair back away from the face and use a few different soft pastel colored hair sprays to add the slightest hint of color to the hair. The biggest time commitment will be the makeup. The bright vibrant colors  juxtaposed with black creates a very Avant Garde look.  For the wardrobe, keep it simple, let the hair and makeup do the talking here.

Halloween Hair and Beauty Ideas by Iles Formula

Hippie Chick

Another very simple option for Halloween Hair is to channel your inner 60's Hippie Chick.  Long straight one length hair or a wig is all you will need.  I love the idea of adding a few butterflies for a hair accessory, or if you want scary add spiders.  You can find these at your local craft store and glue them to a bobby pin, and then secure them randomly to your hair.

For makeup, less is definitely more.  Soft eye color and a soft pink or neutral lip will be just perfect.  Talk about being comfortable all night, a comfy pair of bell bottoms and a simple halter top is all you will need.  Accessorize with some jewelry and you are set.  Don't forget your platforms...

Halloween Hair and Beauty Ideas by Iles Formula

Dolce & Gabanna Queen

Still searching for Halloween Hair Ideas?  Who doesn't LOVE Dolce & Gabanna and their beautiful hair crowns and accessories.  Look like a Dolce & Gabanna Supermodel for Halloween by trying this fashionable option.  For hair, create two side braids and bobby pin them overlapping each other in the back.  Get some roses from your local craft store and attach them with glue to bobby pins. Place them on both sides of the head and in back.  Using different sizes will add dimension.  Then, find a crown and affix that to the center top of your hair as well.

For makeup, only mascara on the eyes, and a bright red lip.  What to wear for clothes? Black is always a great choice.  This is where you get to be creative.

Halloween Hair and Beauty Ideas by Iles Formula

Day Of The Dead

In contrast, if you prefer a darker and more spooky costume, then why not try this Day Of The Dead option?  All you will need for hair is a long black wig.  Cut the fringe into a deep V for a more dramatic look.  Makeup can be a bit more advanced here, but if your up for the challenge, swing by your local Halloween Costume store to get all of the supplies you need to recreate this look.  All black clothing is the way to go, as its a perfect match and very easy to pull together.

Halloween Hair and Beauty Ideas by Iles Formula

Just Be YOU

In addition, sometimes Halloween rolls around and your just not in the dressing up spirit.  Whenever I am feeling this way, I have a simple solution.  Make sure your hair and makeup is looking amazing, wear your most favorite dark toned clothes from your wardrobe, pop on some stunning heels, and add a mask.  Halloween stores have tons of options for different styles of masks.  To be honest, sometimes this is enough, and a perfect choice.

Halloween Hair and Beauty Ideas by Iles Formula

When deciding which Halloween Hair to go with, I personally like to choose something that still remains very fashionable and classy, where the hair and makeup really has the opportunity to shine, and the wardrobe is stylish yet comfortable to wear all night.  Trying to avoid being too over the top.

Can you find some inspiration here for your costume this year?  Which one is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below.  If you decide to dress up as any of these options, don't forget to tag us in @ilesformula_hair and #ilesformula. We love to see your creations!


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