Halloween Hair Ideas to Inspire.

We have comprised some relatively impressive but easy Halloween Hair Ideas to inspire this weeks fete.

Enjoy the visual feast.

On the desk of our Co Founder Wendy Iles, sits an invitation to one of New York's biggest Halloween events,  an invitation that will be full of the who's who's on the US TV media and fashion circuit. An invitation to celebrate the holiday with one of her dear clients Heidi Klum.  What stress, what to wear when everyone is going to such extremes to look their haunting best! We have yet to see what Wendy has concocted. It's a secret for now.  Although the big night is Tuesday many of you will be celebrating this weekend. Hopefully our ideas inspire you but keep it looking fashionable.

All images searched from Pinterest.

Halloween Hair Ideas to Inspire. by Iles Formula

To be a cute bat is easier than one thinks. Buy an extension track and feed wire through the root section. Mold this into a wing shape and you are ready to fly. Add a small furry animal as center piece. What we love is the Iles Formula Finishing Serum silky luscious locks. Just shows a polished looks works equally as well for Halloween.

Halloween Hair Ideas to Inspire. by Iles Formula

Did you read our last weeks journal on the latest autumn hair color trends ? This style is right on trend with tangerine hair or shall we say pumpkin tones? Sew some skulls or skeleton hands on to long hair slides  as your accessory.

Halloween Hair Ideas to Inspire. by Iles Formula

Purchase a one length wig. This blue black is a great choice and contrast to a blood red lip. Braid the front sections to add weight and sew in a strong metal zip.  Attach the wig so it stays half closed around neck with a ribbon. A little work involved, but looks very effective,  like it ?

Halloween Hair Ideas to Inspire. by Iles Formula

This looks like the real deal... but one can always buy 2 wigs a black and white and cut them in half, then sew them together.

Halloween Hair Ideas to Inspire. by Iles Formula

Such an easy and effective idea. Take your long locks and twine them in pipe cleaners colored to match your hair color. This will add tension and allow you to twist this snake in the shape you want! If you have ethnic hair add a braid and just feed a wire through the braid to create the shape. Become even more creative and do several snakes. The effort will be to find the snakes head. Super effective don't you think?

Halloween Hair Ideas to Inspire. by Iles Formula

We keep the easiest idea till last. Use your own hair and back comb it death. Adding dry shampoo or baby powder will give the matt texture required. Don't spray with hairspray or it will dissolve the powder residue. This style works best if hair is a little dirty. After the event caress your locks back to goodness with our benchmark formulas

We hope these Pinterest Halloween Hair ideas inspire you, we couldn't let the event pass with out a little inspiration to guide you from our side.

Please comment or tag us your looks ...we are curious to see what creations you came up with.

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