Heidi Went Curly.

A few weeks ago, Heidi Klum posted an image to her Instagram page with her Glam Team.  Her makeup artist is the super talented Linda Hay and her Hairstylist is our very own Wendy Iles.  Heidi went curly for the day, and it was a huge hit.

These 80's sort of curls that are loose and bouncy, with no real set pattern are all the rage right now.  So, we thought it would be a perfect time to sit down with Wendy and have her share with us the details for how she created this  look.

Ready to learn what tools Wendy used when Heidi went curly, and how she got this super fun style?  Then, keep reading on.

Heidi Went Curly. by Iles Formula

When it comes to creating hairstyles for Wendy's celebrity clientele list, she explains that the tools and products are a big part of the success of any style.  Wendy let us have a peek into her tool kit and see just what she used for this go to style.

Heidi Went Curly. by Iles Formula

Tools & Products

1./ Iles Formula Trio

2./ Dyson Dryer

3./ Small Setting Clip (For clipping curls to cool)

4./ Iles Formula Distribution Comb (Wide Tooth Comb)

5./ Rat Tail Comb (For Clean Sections)

6./ Large Silver Duck Bill Clips ( For holding sections)

7. / BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron (Small size)

How To


1./ Wendy asked Heidi to shampoo and condition her hair the evening before, to arrive on set with dry, slept on hair.  Which in Heidi's case, has lots of volume, and with The Iles Formula shampoo and conditioner already used, Heidi's hair was silky and luscious for the perfect start.

2./  Next, Wendy smothered her hair in Iles Formula Finishing Serum and haphazardly blew dry the product into the hair to protect it and to give the curls even more lusciousness.

3./  After that, Wendy sectioned the hair using the rat tail comb from ear to ear, then clipped the hair on top out of the way using the Duck Bill Clip.

4./  Then, she took the quite small (1/2 inch) BaByliss PRO tong, and started curling sections at the nape of the neck from ear to ear, toward the center back.

5./ Each curled section was clipped high on it's base using the small setting clips.

6./ Curl the side sections the same as the bottom, going from the temple toward the center back on each side.

7./  After that, start in the front hairline or what is to be the fringe/bangs, and curl one section left  and one section right, alternating each section all the way across the front.  This allows the curls to bounce off one another, and creates a more natural curl pattern.

8./ TIP:  The top section was about 3 inches wide with the part line running through the middle of it, but Wendy did not want the part to be prominent. So, to off set the part, she tonged through the part line with the iron.  This broke up the part. Wendy explained she wound from left to right and continued alternating the directions of the curls across the top  section until she reached the crown.

9./ All curls were clipped in place and allowed to cool well before removing them. Wendy dropped the pins, using only her fingers to separate the curls.

10./  Wendy used her Dyson Supersonic hair dryer to give the curls a quick blast of wind to break up the perfect curl shape.

11./ Longer hair when curled tends to look triangular, and Wendy was going for a round shape.  So to accommodate for that, she clipped some longer top sections at the roots with pins.  This gave the hair an overall layered effect.

12./  Finally, what do you do if the hair turns out too curly?   No problem, simply throw the head upside down and blast it with the hair dryer for a few seconds.  This is the perfect way to soften the curl.  Whatever you do, Wendy insists, Do not brush the curls.  This will instantly change the entire style.

We cannot wait to see some of the variations of this style that you come up with.  Heidi Went Curly, so who else wants to show off their version of this curly do?

If so, try this step by step, and tag us into your selfie on Social Media @ilesformula_hair #IlesFormula.

We hope you enjoy this current fun hair trend.

We want to give a big thank you to Heidi for sharing this image with us.


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