Holiday hair care tips

Holiday hair care tips

With the holidays around the corner, it's important to be prepared for the stress you'll undoubtedly put your hair through while shopping around town and getting ready for the festivities. Here are some easy tips that will ensure proper protection for your hair and save you cash, avoiding extra trips to the salon:

If you live in an area where the winter elements of snow, rain, and wind abound, you might want to consider occasionally wearing a hat. If you put on a scarf below your hat, you will greatly cut down on the damage that can be done by rubbing, not to mention prevent the worst effects of the “hat hair” look that every woman detests.

Prevent damage by pampering your hair; start at the roots, massaging restorative hair oil into the hair. Move on to the mane by using hair balm a few times weekly. Weekly conditioning will protect your hair from the dry heat in most homes and apartments. This will ensure that your hair will stay strong even after the holiday season ends.

For those of us with colored hair, too many washes can result in significant dye loss and drying of the hair. At this time of year, washing your hair 2-3 times a week is just about right. Also be sure to avoid using hot water, as excessive heat will cause stripping of the color. Allow the hair to dry naturally. A blow-dryer will damage the hair and also cause unwanted color loss. Give your hair an edge by using the right color protective shampoo & conditioner combination. And never leave the house with wet hair because the combination of moisture and cold air will make your hair brittle.

Lastly, protect your hair from the inside! The holidays can be a stressful and busy time, and it's easy to neglect our bodies. Be sure to follow a balanced diet and drink plenty of water - your hair will thank you.

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