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It's the runway shows in Paris, a really social week, I'm crossing lots of talented freelance make up artists I haven't seen in a long time, catching up on their news …Here are some infos I wanted to share with you.

Hot Tips on Make up by Iles Formula

LILI CHOI. My last job with Dior  documented, "Palace Office", it was Lili doing the make up … Lili has developed a very special  technique using make up to create tattoos, perfect for photo shoots as they wash away !  She is also one of the very best in Paris to see for the "real deal" tattoo.  By appointment only - ask for Lili-, Chez Migoii, 51 rue Greneta, 75002, Paris. As Vogue France commented  " le tatouage le plus fashion de la capitale "

Always a hidden desire of mine to have an amazing tattoo tucked away from the eyes of the world. Maybe Lili is my answer !

Cacharel love so much what she does , they contracted Lili to design the latest Cacharel perfume bottle called "Amor Amor". Take a look at this film "the making of " you can see how she works .

So many people over the years have asked  me how a make up artist in the fashion world can be formed. Well here is your answer .

Houda Remita   a world renowned  make-up artist  has opened her make up school in Paris named D-Mai. As well as her valuable input,  Houda has a great  list of artists from the  fashion world contributing their knowledge to her school .

For those of you in Germany, no better than Loni Baur. Her academy is Color + Creme.

Houda  and Loni are the first I know of  from the fashion business today offering such courses.  Their schools would certainly teach the necessary make up tips for photography shoots, tv commercials, publicity campaigns and runways shows.

Hot Tips on Make up by Iles Formula

Hot Tips on Make up by Iles Formula


Make up Houda Remita

Make up Loni Baur


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