How Kenna Kennor Maintains Gigi Hadid's Hair

Recently, mega hairstylist Kenna Kennor was interviewed by InStyle magazine and we wanted to share some of the interview with you for a couple of reasons.  First, we ALL want to know How Kenna Kennor Maintains Gigi Hadid's Hair, and who better to hear it from then her hairstylist.  Second though, we wanted to share with you what Kenna is using on her hair and what she is using at home as some of it is our very own Iles Formula products.   Have a read to see all the details here.

Extract from InStyle  written by Roxanne  Adamiyatt  "A guide to getting Gigi Hadid's  Blowout, straight from her Hairstylist". Iles Formula is available in Kenna's Brooklyn salon at Greenpoint.

It doesn't take ESP to realize that I am some kind of obsessed with Gigi Hadid's hair. I bleach and toned it into oblivion, so I can have the same color as she does. I also loooooove the way she styles her hair. The body, the imperfectly tousled look of it? Everything. So when I had the opportunity to meet with her stylist Kenna Kennor at his salon, aptly named Kennaland, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to see firsthand how he cooks her some good hair, obviously I jumped on the opportunity.

Cleanse and Condition

We started with a thorough cleanse and condition using the same Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner ($33-$39; that Kenna uses on Gigi. When it came to the blowout, we tweaked for the obvious difference in hair length and texture. Post wash, we prepped my hair with Evo Hair Mister Fantastic Blowout Spray ($30; Turns out my use of volumizing products on the reg was somewhat misguided. If I want the Gigi 'do, I should be using products that texturize without plumping the hair up too much.

If you're wanting to follow the same regimen that Kenna used on GiGi Hadid, then click this link to learn how to treat yourself to an at home spa for your hair.

Read the full article here:

How Kenna Kennor Maintains Gigi Hadid's Hair by Iles Formula

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