How-To: An easy Up Do

I love it when you write and ask advice, as it helps me find ways to help you through my blog. Here is my answer to one request in finding an easy hairstyle for her very thick hair that does not hold curl. An "easy" style was asked, so here it is. I will show you an easy chignon tutorial.

Ingredients:  An elastic band, mesh foam for bun base - they come in several sizes, U-shaped pins in large to use as an anchor and fine to neaten-up with. Those materials are needed for this easy chignon tutorial.

How-To: An easy Up Do by Iles Formula


1/Decide where you want to place the chignon, then make a pony tail on the spot. It can be the back of the head, on top of the head or low on the neck for example. My favorite is right on top of the head decorated with a flower or a small bow in front of the chignon, a bit of Audrey Hepburn' style.

2/Place the mesh donut over the pony tail then distribute the hair around it tucking ends in under the support. Start to anchor with 4 of  your Large U- shaped pins in each corner so that your bun is not lopsided. Any small extra hair can be anchored with the small pins keeping ends tucked under mesh.

Tip: If you bend back one of the ends of the U-shaped pins, it will prevent the pin from sliding out of place !

3/ You can decorate your chignon with a jewel, ribbon or a plaited braid ( see photo on the top right ). Braids can be purchased in hair supply stores, they are usually ready-made. The secret is to find your perfect color. What makes the best jewels are old brooches from flee markets unless you have the real piece.

Please let me see your attempts, you can always email me a photo on

Have fun with this easy chignon tutorial, it's really so easy to do !

How-To: An easy Up Do by Iles Formula



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