How To Do Heidi and Kate's Soft Wave.

How To Do Heidi and Kate's Soft Wave. by Iles Formula

How To Do Heidi and Kate's Soft Waves.

For we women who don't have enough hours in the day for ourselves, it seems there's never enough time to get to the salon. But there is a flat iron technique for curl and wave that's super fast to do. It's one of my preferred red carpet wave techniques. Most women believe that curling their hair has to be a tedious process that is sure to go wrong. But, if you follow these few simple steps, a stylish wavy do is possible, but like most things success comes with practice and attention to the proper technique. Here are some tips to create the perfect soft waves movement.

What you need is a 1" flat iron, my favorite is GHD, and some long section clips.
How To Do Heidi and Kate's Soft Wave. by Iles Formula

Formula for soft waves

Be sure to apply a good protection finishing serum on your hair. The last thing that you want is to singe your hair or dry it out. Wavy or curly hair requires more moisture than straight hair so it is important to always use the correct shampoo and conditioner before you attempt this style. No other products are needed. It's always lovely to see this style soft and supple.

I wish I could show you this technique in person. This is my area of expertise and a technique I use often when wanting natural soft waves on my celebrity clients Heidi Klum and Kate Hudson.

1/ Take long vertical sections starting at the face line and working toward the centre back. If seen from above, the sections would look like bicycle spokes around the head.
2/ Imagine I'm holding a section of hair in my left hand by the ends, and the GHD in my right. Then imagine the GHD is a crocodile. The crocodile clamps his jaws over the piece of hair near the root area, so his head is parellel with the ceiling and his jaw is parellel with the floor.
3/ You then "rotate" the crocodile so that his jaw is now parellel with the ceiling and his head is parellel with the floor.
You then slowly drag the GHD down the length of the hair, always holding the ends of the hair to create some tension. You don't turn them again or change the angle.

4/ Once at the end, release the curl and by wrapping it around 2 fingers away from the face , and then allow the curl to gently fall into place. If your hair drops quickly, just wrap the section while warm around 2 fingers in the same direction toward the back and clip it with long section clips until cold.

If your hair is naturally curly like Kate's, you could just pick up sections here and there to redefine the natural wave. This must be done once the hair has dried and the natural curl has taken its form.

Iles Formula by Livia Auer by Iles Formula

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