How to Protect Your Hair from Sun Damage

We constantly hear about the importance of sunscreen to protect our skin from sun damage, but many people forget that their hair also endures damage when exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays. This kind of damage to the hair cuticles results in dryness, brittle strands prone to breakage, split ends, discoloration and an overall frizzy, lifeless look. This leads to poor results when trying to style hair. The following are a few ways you can protect your hair from such harmful damage. If your hair has already suffered sun damage, which is likely, many of these tips can also help to reverse the harm done.

Avoid The Sun During Peak Hours

The sun’s rays are the most harmful between the hours of 10am and 4pm. The closer you live to the equator, the more dangerous sun exposure between these times becomes. As a result, try to avoid sun exposure between these hours as much as you can. If this isn’t possible, make sure to take extra caution and protection with both your skin and hair when exposed to the sun during these hours.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Hat

Possibly the easiest preventable measure to take, you can cover your hair with an appropriately sized hat on days you know you’ll be exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time. Hats with wider brims will provide adequate shade for your hair if it is longer. As an added benefit, you’ll be protecting your face from sun damage as well!

Protect Your Hair With UV Filters

Dermatologists recommend using UV filters on your hair to guard against UV damage and color fade. Iles Formula Finishing Serum has UV filters that will protect your hair from sun damage, color fade, humidity, and heat styling tools.

Leave in Your Conditioner

A physical barrier will help protect your hair from the sun’s damaging UV rays and keep it moisturized. Lather your hair with some conditioner, then toss it into a braid or bun while your are out in the sun all day.  This will provide an added  barrier of protection from the harsh rays.

Use a Hydrating Hair Mask

Hair masks like Iles Haute Performance Hair Mask can be used as a preventative measure specifically for days when you know you’ll be out in the sun for a prolonged period of time, or as a means to restoring nutrients and moisture to already damaged hair. They don’t have to be used often either, application just once a week has been shown to be effective in restoring hair to its original luster.

Don’t Over-Wash Your Hair

If you’re washing your hair every single day, then you may be over-washing it. Daily washes unnecessarily strip your hair of its natural oils, making it more prone to harm from the sun and worsening any damage that has already been done. If you notice your hair gets oilier in the warmer months rather quickly, then try rinsing with cool or cold water to help minimise the oil secretion from sebaceous glands.

How to Protect Your Hair from Sun Damage by Iles Formula



Protect Your Part

The scalp is just as sensitive and susceptible to sun damage as your skin, so if you decide to leave your hair down with your part exposed on a day out, spray some sunscreen on to where your scalp is exposed. A sunburned scalp can lead to blisters or scabbing, so if you don’t like the idea of putting sunscreen on your head, put your hair up into a bun or ponytail to keep your scalp hidden.

Now that you know how to prevent hair damage from the sun and even reverse it, you can try some of these tips out as soon as today. Good hair health implies you have good overall health and that you like to take care of your appearance. Healthy hair also improves the overall attractiveness of an individual. Furthermore, sun damage is something that should be avoided at all costs due to the adverse health effects it can have on the human body, so it’s important to take active measures against it.

Written  by Laura  Chow

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