How-To: Tips on Summer Curls: Natural and Homemade.

How-To: Tips on Summer Curls:  Natural and Homemade. by Iles Formula
How-To: Tips for curly hair:  Natural and Homemade summer curls.

Oh, the challenges of curly hair! Everyone admires it but no one wants it. It’s like a petulant child that just wants to do things their own way. The level of frustration can be enormous. The result is that many ignore the curly hair issue until they sneak a peak of themselves in a mirror or in a photo and realize that they need to do something with that hair. And while it’s great to run to a styling salon that specializes in your type of curly hair, this is not practical for most people’s budgets.

Tips for curly hair

Expert stylists know that taming curly hair requires moisture and a product to manage that wave. Absorb these  expert tips for curly hair,  that will change your life. The approach you use depends upon the weather.  In cold weather you want to accentuate the curl by using a shampoo that enhances but does not weigh your curls down. On hot humid days, which offer a special kind of challenge, the approach needs to be one of smoothing so that you guard against becoming a frizzy mess. One thing is certain, you have to use the right products and approach. There is a science to it and you have to understand the special requirements of your curly locks. If you remember nothing else, please understand that moisture is the key to success. By its very nature, curly hair does not get the nourishment that straight hair does from your scalp because the twists and turns of your locks prevent the natural oils from reaching the ends.

The other important corollary to remember is that you must not overdo things by treating your hair with untold numbers of oils and other products. If your hair is not healthy, the results will not be good. These oils often make your hair greasy and you will look like a retro version of your parents 50’s styles. Not a good look to be sure.

To achieve Kate Hudson's (above)  naturally dried locks, I recommend the following routine. Take Iles Formula number 3 finishing serum and apply it liberally throughout the hair. Comb through  for even distribution. Knead your curls into a nice shape and form, then don't touch your hair again until it's set. Next, when your hair has dried, just add a touch more serum  to fend off the frizz. Your hair will be much more manageable and will actually be able to be styled even if you have bountiful waves and curls. You can accentuate a few curls here and there with a curling iron or straightening iron just to define them if you wish, but it really should not be necessary. Don't ever brush your curls, use a rake comb or just your hands and fingers, this way the curls stay nicely defined.

Day 2 just add a little spray of water and more serum to reawaken the curl, and repeat the technique allowing to dry naturally. Don't use mousse, it makes the curls crunchy, and oils make the hair greasy looking. Just use Iles Formula Finishing Serum, it is like "food for the hair," and contains UV sun filter protectors, color save protectors, and a cocktail of vitamins for the hair,  without ever weighing the hair down.

So there it is. Curly Hair can be tamed even in the summer heat if you understand that "the enemy" may be you and not your hair.
How-To: Tips on Summer Curls:  Natural and Homemade. by Iles Formula

Anja Rubik - Tips for curly hair

In the Case of Anja Rubik's style above, her natural curl has been worked with the curling wand. So extend the recipe above by curling the hair all over once the above technique has dried. You need to take vertical sections all over winding the hair around the wand in a direction of the centre back. See how she has one side heavier, this can be achieved by placing the forehead curls all in one direction from left to right for example, but the sides stay vertical wound toward the back. Clip each section as you go until the hair is cold. Once clips are removed stretch out ends with a blow dryer so the ends of hair are not too curled, but leave the bounce and spring in the roots.

A blast of air from the blow dryer gives great energy and finishing movement to curly hair.

So there you have it, a real "do" based from your natural curl.

My hair is naturally curly, I used this technique many times over the years when I wanted to show off my curls and it worked perfectly every time. Give me your feedback, I'd love to know your thoughts.

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