Iles Formula Hair Talk : Salon Stylist Jay Hoover

Iles Formula Hair Talk : Let us introduce you this week to Jay Hoover, salon stylist at Dennis Bartolomei Salon in Chicago, USA.

Iles Formula Hair Talk : Salon Stylist Jay Hoover by Iles Formula

IF: Tell us what you think is the biggest challenge in a hairdressing career today?

JH : The biggest challenge in my personal hairdressing career would be building and maintaining a strong clientele that is open and excited to try current trends.  Maintaining a flexible clientele that allows me to be as creative and current as possible is achievable, but it requires taking the time and energy to build incredibly trusting relationships.

IF : What’s the most enjoyable part of your current job ?

JH : The most enjoyable part of my current job are the connections and the impact I can make on some ones day or even life. By being one of their closest confidants, but also pulling out the inner beauty and allowing it to exude outwardly through the beauty of hair.

IF : Why did you choose the path of hairdressing ?

JH : I didn't necessarily choose the hairdressing path, the hairdressing path chose me. Being a semi-professional hockey player, I would have never thought this would be one of my biggest passions, or even my career.  It wasn't until a dear friend of mine, a fellow stylist and salon owner, approached me about it and urged me to go to beauty school. When I started interning at my current salon while in school, my eyes were truly opened to the world of beauty and the impact you can make in it.  That is what really made me fall in love.

IF : What is your greatest strength ?

JH : My greatest strength would be my ability to understand my clients' needs, and successfully collaborate a vision of what each of us sees in them.  Letting my clients express their feelings and thoughts in a way that is comfortable to them is so important, and I am continually learning how to translate each and every vision.

IF : Tell us  about your relationship with Iles Formula. How did you discover us and which formula is your favorite?

JH : My relationship with Iles Formula originally began when Wendy came in for the launch of her product line in Chicago. We were the first salon in the city to carry the line, and it was love at first sight. If I had to pick between the Shampoo, Conditioner, and the Serum, my absolute favorite would be the Serum. I use it on every client that sits in my chair. It is everything. The finish it gives the hair is impeccable, and the scent is divine.

IF : New hair trends - Is there something happening with hair right now that is exciting you ?

JH : Currently, I am embracing everything natural.  Natural color and natural styles.  My men and women clients are both looking for the ability to wake up, touch up their style a little, and be on their way.  I call it, "perfectly undone."  But don't be fooled - a low maintenance look typically means a highly skilled and precise service.

IF : Thank you Jay for this interview.

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