Iles Formula HAIR TALK With Hairdresser Peter Thomsen

Iles Formula HAIR TALK With Hairdresser Peter Thomsen by Iles Formula
Iles Formula Hair Talk with Hairdresser Peter Thomsen : We are very glad to have Peter as a guest today. For people who don't know him, let us introduce you !

Who is Peter Thomsen ? #MRTHOMSEN

Peter Thomsen is the owner of Chelsea Haircutters Salon. He also has his own education business,"Peter Thomsen Education". He currently runs courses in each Australian state and will next year be in the US (in LA and Dallas) from 22nd of May for 10 days to showcase his signature looks #MRTHOMSEN, featuring hand painting color techniques, zone toning, baby lights, big blowouts, brush manipulation and tonging techniques. Peter runs the courses as a "look and learn" morning & opportunity for a workshop afternoon.
Iles Formula HAIR TALK With Hairdresser Peter Thomsen by Iles Formula
IF : The biggest challenge in hairdressing today ?

PT : I'm always up for a challenge ! I would say the biggest challenge today would be there is so much out there on social media and it's only getting stronger, so it's important we embrace social media as hairdressers, be a part of it through imagery and good information so that the consumer takes note ! Keeping up with what's trending and what's not keeps you on your toes, It's only getting faster !

IF : What is the most enjoyable thing about your job ?

PT : The most enjoyable thing about what I do at the moment is traveling to educate others and learning from others. Sharing knowledge is so enjoyable and learning new things even more. In this creative industry where we are constantly learning or encouraging ... this is always enjoyable for me.

IF : Why did you choose the path of hairdressing ?

PT : I have always felt like Hairdressing chose me. It was something I never thought about. As a child, I was bought up in the 70s and all my aunts had really long hair and I used to stand behind them and constantly brush there hair. I remember loving the texture running through my fingers, so from that point on it's all been about hair.

IF : What's your greatest strength ?

PT : The greatest strength I have is adaptability to be able to move forward and change your ways through color styling even cutting. It's always great to have those strong fundamentals but more important to create a more current edge through change especially in our industry.

IF : Tell us about your relationship with Iles Formula, how did you discover us ?

PT : Well the first time I discovered Iles formula was on Youtube. I was really drawn to the marketing beautiful luxury hair which I loved. From that moment I looked into Iles more, discovered it on Instagram and then the woman behind the product and so then started to realize the culture and the meaning behind Iles and just fell in love my favorite product. Well I love using all three together but if I had to choose one, it's very difficult but I do love the conditioner. It's amazing ! It shuts the cuticle down so quickly and I mean quickly, it creates so much shine. It really feels like silk. Love it !

IF : New hair trends ? Is there something about hair that really excites you ?

PT : Trends to me come and go but beautiful hair never fails. I really enjoy seeing texture and movement that's happening in hair. It's softer and more real with an edgy vibe said to me keeping hair more real through our influences from Red Carpet celebrities and Instagram It girls, I would definitely say there is so many cool textures that have been created on all lengths.
Iles Formula HAIR TALK With Hairdresser Peter Thomsen by Iles Formula

IF : Thank you so much Peter for your time. We are glad to have you with us today !

All Iles Formula followers and readers, if interested in hairdressing courses in Australia or the US, now you know about Peter Thomsen Education courses. To view more of  Peter's  sumptuous work, it's @chelseahaircutters on Instagram.

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