Iles Formula Hair Talk With Jenna Bullaro

Iles Formula Hair Talk With Jenna Bullaro by Iles Formula
Iles Formula Hair Talk : We introduce you today to Jenna Bullaro from Dennis Bartolomei Salon in Chicago USA. Jenna answers our questions on what hairdressing is for her today.

IF : What's the biggest challenge in hairdressing today ?

JB : The hardest part of today's hairdressing career is we don't get to use our creativity to the fullest. Clients come in with a picture off of Pinterest or the internet saying "this is exactly what I want" and most of the time as a stylist you are getting the same 4 pictures being shown. Having a picture being shown as and idea or example is great because most of the time it is hard for the client to explain what they want ... but, give us an idea and let us use our knowledge and creativity to create your personalized look. My best work happens when a client sits down and tell me, "Do what you think, I trust you"!

IF : What is the most enjoyable thing about your job ?

JB : The most enjoyable part of my job is when my client leaves smiling ear to ear. I get to make people feel beautiful for a living. I truly don't think you could ask for a better "job".

IF : Why did I choose the path of hairdressing ?

JB : I get this question often, and honestly from the time I was 5 years old I would always say "I'm going to grow up, do hair, and open my own salon!" It has always been true passion of mine. Excited to see what the future holds in this beautiful career !

IF : What's your greatest strength ?

JB : My greatest strength, being an artist, is color. I have always had just a natural understanding of it. I also think that being a painter is a huge advantage for me. When coloring hair you have to look at what  canvas you're working on and what you have to do in order to get the end result perfect. There's a lot more to coloring hair than it seems.

IF : Tell us about your relationship with Iles Formula?

JB : Iles formula was introduced to me by Wendy Iles herself. My salon was lucky enough to host Wendy and her product at a launch party. Working hands on with her and learning further into Iles formula first hand was amazing. Now, I can't have a client leave without it ! If I had to choose one of the formulas as my favorite, I would have to say #2, the conditioner, it never fails to make any hair type feeling silk-spun.

IF : New hair trends, is there something about hair that really excites you ?

JB : Right now, as many know, lived-in hair is a huge trend. A lot of my clients love that look but also want their hair to look clean and finished. So, a happy medium of a deepened root and low maintenance color along with a finished and classic feel.

IF : Thank you so much Jenna for your time. We are glad to have you with us today !

Here with some of Jenna's work. We love the beautiful color work and luscious texture.
Iles Formula Hair Talk With Jenna Bullaro by Iles Formula
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