Iles Formula Hair Talk with Melbourne Hairstylist Caterina Di Biase

Iles Formula Hair Talk with Melbourne Hairstylist Caterina Di Biase by Iles Formula

Iles Formula are pleased to interview Melbourne stylist Caterina Di Biase, Creative Director, co-owner of Heading Out salons. Four times  Australian Hairdresser of the Year and presently holding the title of Australian Educator of the Year, 2017. Caterina offers bespoke in salon training at

We are happy to have Caterina speak with us on all things hair.

Iles Formula Hair Talk with Melbourne Hairstylist Caterina Di Biase by Iles Formula 

ILES FORMULA Hair Talk feature;

1/  Tell us what you think is the biggest challenge in hairdressing today?

I think keeping clients realistic is possibly one of our biggest challenges. Clients come in with images of celebrities who have gone from jet black to bleached blonde hair and they think that’s possible in one sitting, and that they’ll look the same. Managing people’s expectations has always been a challenge, but as celebrity culture continues to increase, it’s getting more difficult!

2/ What’s the most enjoyable part of your job?

The constant learning, and the people – and often they go hand in hand! My job has enabled me to meet and work with so many amazing people, and it’s also allowed me to travel. I learn something new every day, and I love that my job enables me to pass that learning on through my own education programs.

3/ Why did you choose the path of hairdressing and was it easy to fall into this work?

Hairdressing appealed to me because it enables everything I love – creativity, working with people, the ability to travel, and the ongoing learning. I don’t think anything is easy to fall into – I believe you have to work hard to get what you want.

4/ If you had not made the decision to be a hairdresser what would you have been?

I’d be an interior designer. I love creating and shaping, and people’s homes are as much as expression of who they are as their hair is.

5/ What is your greatest strength ?

My work ethic. I’m so passionate that I am prepared to put in the hours that I need to, in order to achieve the things I want. I am a big believer in doing something right, or not doing it at all.

6/ Your favourite hairdressing tools?

I love my Denman and Mason Pearson brushes, Janeke golden combs, plus my YS Park styling combs, my hair irons and tongs. Together, these tools are a force to be reckoned with and I can create almost anything!

7/ Tell us about your relationship with Iles Formula. How you discovered us and which formula is your favourite?

I was actually introduced to the brand when it was presented to me – but the proof is in the pudding, the products are amazing. The serum is one of my favourite products, and the shampoo and conditioner are an absolute bonus!

8/   What was the most challenging job you ever made ?

Working on Kelly Rowland’s hair was a challenge – a great one – but definitely a nerve-wracking experience for me! I did a cut and style and as I unfortunately don’t get to work with African American hair very frequently, I was certainly nervous.

9/ What was your worst hair moment and why….privately or on set/stage or in the salon?

Back in the old days when we still used tip caps, I was waiting for a client who was under the steamer but the timer didn’t go off! By the time I realized and ran over, her hair had turned to jelly and there was not a blonde tip in sight.

10/ If you could style anyones hair, who would it be and why?

Blake Lively. She’s known for her amazing hair, and she’s effortlessly stylish, so I’d love the opportunity to do something creative with her.

11/ Where do you pull  hair inspiration from?

Everywhere! I’m constantly searching for the new, the bold, the creative – and that can be found everywhere from social media to fashion shows and even travel and interior design. I make sure to always take note of my surroundings. You never know when inspiration will strike.

13/  Your advice to young hairdressers starting out?

Educate yourself. Never stop learning, and believe in yourself. When I first started out, I wanted to get into beauty but you had to start in hair – and once I started in hair, I never looked back. If you’re passionate and you know where you want to be, make that path for yourself – but equally, don’t close yourself off to opportunities because you don’t know where they’ll lead.

Some of Caterina's beautiful work.

Iles Formula Hair Talk with Melbourne Hairstylist Caterina Di Biase by Iles Formula

Iles Formula Hair Talk with Melbourne Hairstylist Caterina Di Biase by Iles Formula

Iles Formula Hair Talk with Melbourne Hairstylist Caterina Di Biase by Iles Formula

Find Caterina  and  Iles Formula at "Heading Out" Salons in Melbourne Australia. Also check out her in salon education  on Instagram @headingouteducation.

Heading Out Facebook: @headingouthair
Heading Out Instagram: @headingouthair

Caterina Di Biase Facebook: @caterinaHOHB
Caterina Di Biase Instagram: @caterinadibiase

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