Iles Formula Hair Talk With Nicolas Eldin

Iles Formula welcomes Nicolas Eldin. Nicolas was originally from Paris and is now based out of New York with Art Department. His work speaks for itself, refined elegant and classy. Let's chat hair!

Iles Formula Hair Talk With Nicolas Eldin by Iles Formula

IF : Tell us what you think is the biggest challenge in a hairdressing career today?

NE : We have a new model every day, new beauty, personality, new hair color, that our work also changes according to the light used by the photographer. Then also new teams,new magazines, and also always in search of the hairstyle that most corresponds to the model for the photos we make, a perpetual challenge every day is a new challenge.

IF : What’s the most enjoyable part of your current job?

NE : We are very lucky to travel all over the world, to discover incredible and beautiful countries, different cultures, meet extraordinary and interesting people and sometimes we work in places that are unimaginable. I like this part of my work.

IF : Why did you choose the path of hairdressing?

NE : I did not choose hairdressing,  it found me! I was not destined to do this.

IF : If you had not made the decision to be a hairdresser what would you have been?

NE : Good question, I would have been anyway in a profession of image, drawing or video... In one way or another.

IF : What is your greatest strength?

NE : My greatest strength is diversity and creativity. I hate to do twice the same thing.

IF : Your favorite hairdressing tools?

NE :  Comb and brush, very basic.

IF : Tell us about your relationship with Iles Formula. How you discovered us and which formula is your favorite?

NE : I had the chance to assist Wendy a few times. She was already speaking about this desire to create a line of hair repair products, having admired her work, her touch, when it  launched I did not hesitate a single second  to order her products, of which I am a big fan today. It's with me everyday I work. My favorite are the  Haute Performance Conditioner and Haute Performance Finishing Serum.

IF : New Hair trends ; Is there something happening with hair right now that is exciting you?

NE : Yes definitely, the texture in the hair, there is so much possibility. It allows you to push your looks to the maximum or break your volume in dry, wet oily, define, shiny, beach hair, ruff hair, messy, frizzy... I love perpetual search for new products that work for these effects on the hair.

IF : What was your worst hair moment and why... privately or on set or in the salon?

NE : Yes I have a very specific moment that comes to mind when I started my career. It was during my first campaign of beauty advertising for a TV commercial. The model I knew well, the evening before  we decided together to cut her hair  very short, very boyish, without telling anyone, even less to the client. The client become mad and very stressed next morning on set, I had to recreate, with extensions of course long glamorous and wavy hair for this film, the stress was to the maximum, you could not imagine. It was for me a memorable and unforgettable moment.

IF : If you could cut and color anyone's hair, who would it be and why?

NE : My dream would be to do the hair of the top model in the 60s, Veruschka, she is so inspiring, so beautiful versatile, charismatic, she incredible, it is my dream.

IF : Where do you pull hair inspiration from?

NE : My inspiration comes from everywhere, from the street, books, travels, exhibitions, movies, vinyl pouches, it can be a woman in the subway, or anyone else, anything that attracts the eye. I am really curious, really all...

IF : Your 3 favorite Instagram feeds?




IF : Your advice to young hairdressers starting out?

NE : My advice for a young hairdresser would be to be passionate about this craft first, then learn all the technical basics of hairdressing and to study all the hairstyles seen in fashion stories and runway shows to feel confident and to take pleasure when you your self are hairstyling.

Iles Formula Hair Talk With Nicolas Eldin by Iles Formula

Iles Formula Hair Talk With Nicolas Eldin by Iles Formula

Iles Formula Hair Talk With Nicolas Eldin by Iles Formula

Iles Formula Hair Talk With Nicolas Eldin by Iles Formula

Iles Formula Hair Talk With Nicolas Eldin by Iles Formula

Iles Formula Hair Talk With Nicolas Eldin by Iles Formula



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