Iles Formula Women : Eva Alexandridis

This week, Iles Formula Women introduces you to Eva Alexandridis. Eva is the co-Founder of 111SKIN, a luxury advanced anti-ageing skincare line developed together with her husband, Dr Yannis Alexandridis - the American and British board certified plastic surgeon on Harley St. Her luxury line is available at exclusive stores including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Space NK, Barney’s and Net-a-porter.

The latest launch from 111SKIN is Lunar28, a unique brightening and anti-ageing system designed to follow the 28 day lunar cycle, in harmony with the physiological cycle we are genetically aligned to. This process results in a visible and measurable improvement in the skins luminosity and clarity. Available exclusively at Harrods and Barney’s!


Iles Formula Women : Eva Alexandridis by Iles Formula

IF : Relationship with your hair?
EA : It’s good – we’re steady and not too complicated. Good hair (and of course, good skin!) gives me an extra layer of confidence so I make sure to maintain a good regime.

IF : Best Hair Inspiration decade?
EA : Right now! I feel that women are so much more free in the sense that they don’t necessarily adhere to trends so much. Instead they’re much more aware of what suits them so from the catwalks to the streets, you see a variety of all hairstyles – from big bouncy waves to sleek back hair to pixie cuts all in colours across the rainbow too. It’s fabulous!

IF : How did you hear about Iles Formula?
EA : At the Beauty Department in Harvey Nichols as the products sit next to my 111SKIN skincare line.

IF : What is the most inspiring thing you've learned at your job?
EA : To surround yourself with a good team, people who care and share the same values and vision for the brand as you do.

IF : Do you read direction for use?
EA : Yes.

IF : Do you read the composition of a product?
EA : Always. Being in the beauty industry myself, I’m always fascinated to learn about the composition of products as I know that despite all the hype, a product is fundamentally only as good as it’s ingredients.

IF : Your favourite Iles Formula product?
EA : The Haute Performance Finishing Serum – it’s light, smells beautiful and does everything it promises and more!

IF : Your favourite shower dance?
EA : Beyonce, Queen B.

What makes you the most happy?
EA : Going to the park with  my husband and 2 sons and our new dog (Sparky). We work long hours and travel so much that it’s a joy just to be able to relax together.

If you were to share one beauty tip with us today, what would it be?
EA : Drink lots of water, eat well and buy the best products you can within your budget. My husband is a leading plastic surgeon on Harley St. and 111SKIN was developed specifically to meet the needs of the patients he sees every day. So ladies, it is not a myth… Effective topical ingredients will delay many skin and anti-ageing concerns so invest wisely!

Being a woman in 2017?
EA : We’re obviously going through times of big changes in the world. However I remain optimistic. Women are uniting all around the world as we’ve seen and I’m proud that my children are seeing this.

If you didn’t do the job you do now, what do you think you would be doing?
EA : That’s a hard question to answer as I really do love my job… I’ve always loved fashion though and so perhaps something within that field!

Which celebrities do you think are wearing great hair at the moment and why?
EA : I love Cara Delevigne’s new platinum blonde bob – it’s bold and egdy and suits her well.

Iles Formula Women : Eva Alexandridis by Iles Formula

Iles Formula Women : Eva Alexandridis by Iles Formula

Iles Formula Women : Eva Alexandridis by Iles Formula

Iles Formula Women : Eva Alexandridis by Iles Formula

Iles Formula Women : Eva Alexandridis by Iles Formula

Iles Formula Women : Eva Alexandridis by Iles Formula

Iles Formula Women : Eva Alexandridis by Iles Formula


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