Iles Formula Women Featuring Kelley Fertitta

This week we are switching things up with Iles Formula Women Featuring Kelley Fertitta.  Kelley is 1 half of the duo that is Wilson Gabrielle. Wilson Gabrielle Kelly and Victoria Fertitta are Two Sisters, Two Styles and Two Cities sharing their love of Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle.  Hear what Kelley has to say about beauty, her favorite products and beauty tips.

1/ What is the most inspiring thing you've learned in life?

To slow down and live in the moment because that's when the best ideas come!

2/ Your favorite thing to do or place to visit?


3/ If you were to treat yourself what would it be?   

A hair treatment, face mask and a relaxing bath!

4/Your ultimate dinner party guests?

Coco Chanel, Post Malone and my fiancé.

5/ Relationship with your hair?


6/ How did you hear about Iles Formula?

My hairdresser Chrissy Rasmussen loves the products and recommended them to me. Now I use them in my hair routine!

7/ Do you read direction for use?

Yes! Of course!

8/ Do you read the composition of a product?

Absolutely, that’s why we love it!

9/ Your favorite Iles Formula product?

The Finishing Serum!

10/ What makes you the most happy?

Beach days with my dogs and my fiancé.

11/ If you were to share one beauty tip with us today, what would it be?

Take care of your hair and skin because they are the keys to a youthful look!

12/ What is being a woman in 2018?

Being strong, confident, and willing to work hard on your own and with other women to achieve your goals!

IF:  Thank you for sharing with us!

To see more, look for Kelley on social media at the handles below:  

Instagram: @wilsongabrielle

Facebook: @wilsongabriellefashion

Pinterest: @WG_Fashion

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