Iles Formula Women : Leni's Models' Founder Eleni Renton

Iles Formula Women : Eleni Renton ... Who's Eleni ?

Iles Formula Women : Leni's Models' Founder Eleni Renton by Iles Formula

Eleni is the Founder of Leni's Model Management, a boutique model agency based in London which was launched in 2009. Eleni’s founding principles for the agency reflect her own personal upbringing and beliefs, to create a supportive and nurturing environment for the models and ethos upon her team of bookers too. Eleni’s latest venture is launching " Leni's Influencers ", a board of women who has established themselves in their respective industries – from journalist to designers to bloggers ... a board of talent and influencers, the next generation of models.

Name : Eleni Renton

Profession : Owner/Founder of Leni's Model Management (Leni's Models)

IF : Relationship with your hair ?

ER : I love it after a blow dry - I hate it just washed. I have a blow dry twice a week. My mum was a hairdresser in the 60's and she says you wear your hair every day, so price per day to blow dries work out like lunch ...

IF : Best hair inspiration decade ?

ER : 70's Farrah Fawcett, big bounce and flicks fringe.

IF : How did you hear about Iles Formula ?

ER : Through my facialist - Lisa Franklin, who swears by it.

IF : What is the most inspiring thing you've learned at your job ?

ER : To always think round a problem, I don't like being told no.

IF : Do you read direction for use ?

ER : Yes

IF : Do you read the composition of a product ?

ER : Not usually, I don't know what most of the ingredients mean.

IF : Your favorite Iles Formula product ?

ER : Hard to say as I love them all but my go-to would be the finishing serum. It’s the perfect something for taming the mane first thing in the morning or at the end of the day when I’m leaving the office to head for dinner.

IF : Your favorite shower dance ?

ER : I don't dance in the shower, I'm so clumsy I'd slip.

IF : What makes you the happiest ?

ER : A walk in the country, when it is crisp but sunny.

IF : If you were to share one beauty tip with us today, what would it be ?

ER : Always remove your make up.

IF : Being a woman in 2016 ?

ER : Means I have lots of options and I am determined to make the most of them.

IF : If you didn't do the job you do now, what do you think you would be doing ?

ER : I would like to be an estate agent. I am so nosy, I'd enjoy looking round people’s houses.

IF : Which celebrities do you think are wearing great hair at the moment and why ?

ER : Olivia Wayne - is a Sky sports news presenter and new mummy, she has the thickest hair I have ever seen and in such good condition.

IF : Thank you so much Eleni for your time. We are glad to have you with us today and proud to have you as one of our Iles Formula Women !

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