Iles Formula Women : Lynn Baker

Iles Formula welcomes Lynn Baker as this week’s Iles Formula Woman. Lynn’s interior design business Lynn Baker Designs is situated on Ephraim Island on the Australian Gold Coast. Alongside renovating luxury homes with her exquisite eye for detail, she spends time in her art studio in Sanctuary Cove from where she sells her over-sized paintings. Her first exhibition will be later this year. Lynn was recently awarded the title of Top 10 best dressed on the Gold Coast.

Iles Formula Women : Lynn Baker by Iles Formula

All images courtesy of Alan Noble

IF : What is the most inspiring thing you've learned at your job?
LB : The most inspiring thing I learned from my job is that there are still wonderful, genuine people in the world who will go out of their way to help you if you needed.

IF : Your favourite destination?
LB : Paris and my Mother's garden.

IF : Best fashion Inspiration decade?
LB : In my humble opinion, the best fashion decade was the 50’s. All those amazing full skirts, tiny waists, gloves, hats, shoes - heaven - but not the undergarments!

IF : If you were to treat yourself what would it be?
LB : Shoes and chocolate in that order.

IF : Your ultimate dinner party guests?
LB : Karl Lagerfeld, Manola Blanick, I mean need I say more… Meryl Streep who has never made a bad film and some dear friends who know who they are.

IF : Relationship with your hair?
LB : I love it when it’s done properly and not frizzing with Queensland heat, and hate it on days it is.

IF : How did you hear about Iles Formula?
LB : I heard about Iles Formula from my dearest friend Wendy as she was developing those formulas.

IF : Do you read direction for use?
LB : I didn’t need to read instructions as Wendy gave me very specific verbal instructions.

IF : Do you read the composition of a product?
LB : I know the composition back to front.

IF : Your favourite Iles Formula product?
LB : The Haute Performance Finishing Serum even though I truly love all 3 formulas.

IF : Your favourite shower dance?
LB : Dancing in the shower has not happened in a while - I will have to start again - maybe the twist from days long gone “twisting the night away” in my parents living room.

IF : What makes you the most happy?
LB : My family and friends, followed by red wine and chocolate.

IF : If you were to share one beauty tip with us today, what would it be?
LB : Don’t overdo the botox it can be worse than a bad facelift.

IF : What is being a woman in 2017?
LB : Being strong, independent and able to do anything she so pleases to do.

Enjoy Lynn's eye for detail in this exquisite Queensland home along with 2 of her recent paintings.

Iles Formula Women : Lynn Baker by Iles Formula 

Miss Havisham  3 x 2

Iles Formula Women : Lynn Baker by Iles Formula


Peony Painting 1.5 x 2

Iles Formula Women : Lynn Baker by Iles Formula


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