Introducing The Minis; the Iles Formula Signature Collection in 50ml travel size

Our innovative and beloved Iles Formula Signature Collection is filled with the essentials for all hair types that instantly transform your hair into luscious, repaired locks. Packed with nourishing high performant ingredients, the Iles Formula Shampoo + Conditioner + Serum from the Signature Collection are FREE of  Sulfate, Silicone, Paraben, and Phthalates. This means you get maximum treatment without any harsh ingredients that leave residue and weigh hair down.
Introducing The Minis
By popular demand, the Signature Collection is now available in 50ml travel size as the Minis. All of the benefits and transformative properties of the Signature Collection, but in the convenient size of 50 ml each. Wherever your life takes you, you can now have the gentle cleanse of Iles Formula Shampoo, the repair of the Iles Formula Conditioner, and the protection of the Iles Formula Serum.
The Signature Collection is adored for its range of formulas that have the ability to transform all hair types into sumptuous and lustrous hair. You never have to worry about your hair being weighed down with Iles Formula, and the bespoke, allergen-free scent of White Tea Flower is admired by all. Discover the restorative properties of our Signature Collection, and see why everyone clamored for a smaller, compact version of it for their travelling trips to the spa and gym and holidays.
Iles Formula Shampoo
The first vital component of the Signature Collection is the Iles Formula Shampoo. The award-winning Shampoo is a unique, one-of-a-kind formula that can actually stop breakage from the very first use. It transforms brittle hair to soft silky hair. Its perfectly PH balanced to accommodate ALL hair types and it is gentle on the scalp and adds volume to the roots. Thanks to carefully curated color-safe formulas, you can ensure that the dreamy hair you have always envisioned is possible due to Iles Formula Shampoo.
Iles Formula Conditioner
Also included in the famous Signature Collection is our multi award winning jewel Iles Formula Conditioner. The remarkable formulation of the conditioner allows for complete restoration of all hair types. From straw-like strands to a spun silk cascade of tresses, the rough and dry texture of the hair is a thing of the past. This is the crown jewel of the Iles Formula Collection, thanks to the adoration of founder Wendy Ile’s original international celebrity clients. Due to their rave reviews, the Iles Formula Conditioner is now world renowned for its phenomenal performance in nurturing and repairing hair.
With raw virgin ingredients and the addition of science at the highest level in the conditioning formula, you will get an instant voluptuous effect while also retaining the smoothest of locks. Part of what makes this hydrating repair essence so special is its ability to restore and transform hair without weighing it down. Say goodbye to the harmful build-up that often occurs with conditioning treatments, like residue of protein, keratin or some scientific blend which in fact eventually build up and cause breakage! Iles Formula’s scientific innovation aids in repairing the hair cuticle to prevent any build-up, and stops breakage from the first use while simultaneously repairing any other damage the hair is in.
Iles Formula Finishing Serum
Lastly, the Signature Collection is completed with the protective and weightless Iles Formula Finishing Protection Serum. Applied to either wet or dry hair, the Finishing Serum leaves your hair feeling light and voluminous. It is the perfect accompaniment to heat tools, as it adds an unparalleled level of protection against any type of potential damage. From UV rays to heat tools and color fading and humidity, this serum is your hairs daily protector.
 A favorite of freelance hairstylists, the Finishing Serum was first noticed by celebrities during professional photoshoots and campaigns. It comes as no surprise the recognition that came after, considering the serum can all on its own transform hair that feels like straw to silk, but let's remember this is like a protective makeup for hair and washes away. The real fix of repair is with shampoo and conditioner. Made with only the finest of hand-picked and sustainably sourced ingredients, such as vitamins and nut oils, this revitalizing serum has an unbeatable power to transform the driest of tresses into silk layers.
Introducing the Mini Collection
The proportions of the Mini Collection formulas are ideal for a trip to the gym, your worldly adventures, or as a gift for someone special. Let's not forget the Finishing Serum makes a perfect purse pack size when out and dealing with humidity or UV assault. If you are wondering about the restorative properties of the Iles Formula Signature Collection, try out the Mini Collection and witness the transformation of your locks. Nurture your hair without weighing it down and experience the silky, lustrous signature finish of the Iles Formula treatment.

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