Late Summer Date Night Hairstyles. Wendy Iles

Late Summer Date Night Hairstyles.   Wendy Iles by Iles Formula
Late Summer Date Night Hairstyles

Trying to look fashionable on date night? Look no further than these 4 simple date night hairstyles that will make you look glamorous without requiring hours at the salon:

First we have a very chic "60s Bouffant". Penelope Cruz is the perfect example of how to rock this classic do. Part your hair and lift it up using hairspray, while combing it back to get the amount of body you desire. Then use bobby pins to fasten your bangs to one side of your head. Finally use a curling iron to make some large curls, giving you that chic 60s look.

The next look is a classic Halo Braid. Look no further than Hayden Panettiere and Amanda Seyfried to see how elegant this look can be. First, take the curling iron and make small rings of hair. Twist it back and put it in place with a bobby pin, and repeat this until you have one side done. Continue with the other side and you'll have yourself a beautiful Halo Braid for your date.

Want Beach Waves but don't have time to hit the beach? This hairstyle has that gritty and natural look, and Jennifer Lawrence wears it perfectly. First use Iles Formula hair serum to protect your hair, and then make your hair into sections, clipping it to the top of your head. With your head towards the floor, wind it with the iron. Hold for 15 seconds and you'll have a gorgeous wave happening, and in no time!

The last and simplest style is the Knotted Updo. Jessica Alba and Katie Holmes wear this tousled and sexy style to perfection. Make your hair into 2 even sections and put each into a ponytail. Keep dividing and tie each section with as many knots as possible. With your fingers, make the knots loose and then pin it up on your head. Now put clips in it and enjoy your voluminous up do!

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