Launching Soon…. Iles Formula for Hair

Launching Soon…. Iles Formula for Hair by ILes Formula

Today I want to share with you the news of my upcoming ILES FORMULA hair care launch.

Challenged by the daily demands of working with a celebrity clientele, I first started to create my formulas around 6 years ago. I demanded a very high performance care + repair product that had to provide INSTANT and long lasting results.

Luxury hair care

I spared no expense and began to scour the globe for the very best ingredients for this "haute performance" hair solution. This included my home country Australia, also Japan, Morocco and the Brazilian Amazon. I ended up with 16 key ingredients in the shampoo and 24 key ingredients in the conditioner and finishing serum!  This is almost unheard of, however the power and magic of those virgin ingredients mixed with super high technology has allowed me to develop products that would exceed every possible benchmark for hair performance.

Most of my work is on celebrities and Iles Formula worked wonders on their hair.  They all wanted my formulas, problem was, I was producing just enough for my work. I wasn't prepared to produce gallons of it for my clients!

It was these celebrities and models who finally convinced me to go public with my formulas. Not one to miss a great opportunity, I decided to take  courage and their advice, scale up production, and make these truly innovative formulations available to everyone.

So it's about to happen. The easy part for me was the formulas, as I knew precisely the performance I needed to deliver. I was very confident in all my formulations. The challenge has been all the rest. What logo, what name, what color packaging, what shape bottles… The list is endless but I persevered because of my passion, putting my heart and soul inside these carefully chosen Iles Formula bottles. I can’t wait to show you more.

Stay tuned, come follow me on Instagram and twitter @ilesformula & I’m so proud that very soon I will get to introduce you to Iles Formula.

Launching Soon…. Iles Formula for Hair by Iles Formula

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