Linda Hay supports Iles Formula.

Linda Hay supports Iles Formula. by Iles Formula
Linda Hay is one of the world circuits best industry makeup artists. We at Iles Formula thank her for her recent declaration in an interview with her love and use of Iles Formula .

"I use Iles Formula. It’s relatively new, and it’s a three part system- shampoo, conditioner and serum. I don’t use a lot of the serum, my hair is super fine, but my boys love it because they have thick, glorious hair. My hair feels hungry for these products before I use them. Usually when I blow-dry my hair, it feels limp and sad, but with this stuff, it feels fat and happy!"

As number one makeup artist to celebrity Heidi Klum amongst others , this woman's journey makes a great read  on
Linda Hay supports Iles Formula. by Iles Formula

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