My Favorites For This Week

My Favorites For This Week by Iles Formula
Spring is my preferred season as my garden starts to awake. Right now I have wisteria, iris, lilac  and  rhubarb  in abundance. I cooked a rhubarb pie on Easter Sunday and picked vases of lilac and iris for the house. And this was my way to welcome spring, what about you?

Regarding my work, it was based in London this week. I enjoyed working with Cheryl Cole and photographer Mariano Vivanco. A big surprise is coming up, I'm not allowed to give details, but once possible, I will post photos … so stay tuned !

I was pleased to come across a publicity for my book Archives, which opened the page of one of my favorite images - a wig being pulled off at the end of a Vogue shoot. To have a look at my book, visit

And i don't want to forget to tell you about one of my new purchases for this week - my coffee table book  Fashionable Selby. For the ones of you who love reading, this book is a feast of colors and ideas to get lost in. It explores the world of fashion, featuring profiles of today’s most interesting designers, stylists, haberdashers, models, shoemakers, and more … Enjoy !
My Favorites For This Week by Iles Formula

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