My Year in Color

Here is a review of my year 2013 for you. It was non stop but a lot of fun with great jobs, lots of challenges, interesting people and wonderful locations.

I'm moving forward to even more challenges in 2014, one of them will be a change with this blog . I'm now on instagram @wendyiles which has taken over the role of my blog with daily images of my life on the road.  I'm going to make this blog page available to offer you hair tips , how to do's, I will also upload  what I find is interesting hair from the shows as they evolve . I encourage you to  converse with me on any hair queries you may have . I will also use it as a" behind the scenes "page and show you new published work as they come out.

Thanks for your support , it really gives me encouragement to find each week something interesting to show you .


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