NYC PRESS Launch by Iles Formula


By Joshua Rosenstock

ILES FORMULA IN NEW YORK – Finally, the pre-sale for Wendy Iles celebrity-endorsed, revolutionary hair products has begun! This event was six years in the making as Wendy scoured four continents to find the perfect blend of ingredients to create a line of products capable of performing to her exacting standards.

She has since wasted no time in promoting the launch to her intended audience comprised of modern, hardworking women. Home of some of the most discerning and demanding clients in the world, New York City hosted a preview of Iles Formula, inviting 30 female editors and top bloggers of the city's premier fashion publications to come experience just how revolutionary Wendy's new product will be for today's hairstyling marketplace.

A view of the rain-filled NYC skyline provided nice contrast to the vibrant scene inside the chic SoHo salon. The challenge was a very diverse group of professional women with different hair textures, colors and styles. Wendy was in her element. Her products were born when one of her clients decided that there would be no more hair extensions used in any of his campaigns.

Many of her clients had hair that was damaged and stressed by having their hair worked on every day. Wendy needed to find a solution that produced haute results instantly. Since there was nothing on the market that could meet this demand, she developed her own line of products used exclusively on her clients. Working with labs across two continents, Wendy found the perfect balance between natural virgin ingredients and an innovative supercharged technology that was to be the final piece of the puzzle. The results were spectacular as these women today were about to find out.

Naturally, the taste-makers for millions of fashionistas couldn't pass up an opportunity to witness "haute", on-the-spot and instant hair repair, live and direct from the source!  Wendy effortlessly glided through the hectic salon, offering the stylists tips on how to finesse the formula ensuring optimal performance. Using the Iles formula shampoo, conditioner and finishing serum, she demonstrated the instant results that the product afforded to "woman on-the-go".

The beauty of the line is that it works on every type of hair. Wendy’s celebrity clients in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East could attest to that. Iles Formula eliminates the need for separate product lines for each hair type. Whether fine, coarse, curly or straight, the formula is packaged in one convenient beauty regimen. The Iles formula restores the body and bounce that women want. As Wendy says it is “a vitamin cocktail” for the hair. Her products awaken the beauty of your hair with no buildup. You can use her products every day and it is perfect for color treated hair. The conditioner is so high performance that any woman can style her hair perfectly in the comfort of her own home.

We photographed each client after their session to document the results. These women would be writing about their experience with the Iles Formula so we took the time to canvass their reactions. So how did Wendy’s products fare with the editors of some of the premier fashion publications?

As we know a picture tells a thousand words, but we still circulated through the salon to get some sound bites to share. Here’s what we heard them say… “My hair’s never been like this ever”, “Oh my god, it’s so beautiful”, “Like you said my hair is truly like spun silk”, “Where can I get these products”? And so the Iles Formula was a rousing success. If we were able to win over these very knowledgeable consumers in just one application, can you just imagine the reaction we will get when the products become available to a wide audience of women who have been looking for a solution for their everyday hair problems?

Now to the most important question… Where can I get these products? The Iles Formula team is ready for pre-launch sales on-line. Ron Robson stores in Los Angeles will be the first stores in America to have our products on the shelf. He will be launching in June in LA. We’ve had enormous interest from retailers in Saudi Arabia, London, Germany, and Australia, but for the moment we have decided to concentrate on the American market.

We are a small, family-based company headquartered in the US, so it made sense for us to take things one step at a time and do it right. Our initial launch will be worldwide, since you can buy the products on line, but all products will be shipping from America.

In order to provide an affordable product, the Iles Formula will be sold in a Discovery Pack for $24.50, which will include a months supply of decorative sashes for four complete treatments.  So there you have it. Spectacular, sumptuous, spun silk hair for a price that is unbeatable.

Wendy is very proud of her products and you will soon get to enjoy the benefits of the herculean effort she and her team of professionals have put into every aspect of this new product launch. The company web site will include a section where her valued clients can ask any questions about personal hair care. As Wendy said recently, “I want women everywhere to understand that I am very passionate about my products and that we are there for them”.

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