On The Road Again

On The Road Again by Iles Formula
No I'm not on holidays yet. If you haven't heard from me it's just because I've been traveling and working non stop. After Paris shows I went to New York for American Vogue. I can't say much about the shoot as most editorials for famous magazines are very confidential until printed, but what was nice, I did get  to visit the beautiful home of the celebrity we shot with in Southampton .

I  spent the 4th of July  weekend with my friend Bibi Monnahan  at her stone cottage . "Stonehare"  sits on a hill overlooking the Delaware river. I love it there and think of it as my home away from home.
On The Road Again by Iles Formula
I then went to Las Vegas for my first time ! I always wondered about Vegas and as I had to assist a Beauty Conference I finally got my chance to paid a visit to a Eiffel Tower standing up in the middle of the desert.

To balance that craziness I took a day to visit Zion National Park. I wish I had more time. Those canyons and mountains are breathtaking, as beautiful as my  Ayers Rock back home in Australia.

Beverly Hills was like an oasis after all that sand, heat and flashing lights on the Vegas strip. I met with my agent and did a ton of appointments for jobs I have coming up in California next September.
On The Road Again by Iles Formula

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