On Trend Twisted Rope Braids

Summertime is still upon us, and we are always searching for hairstyles that will keep us looking and feeling cool to beat the summer heat.  We are loving these Twisted Rope Braids.  Stylish, yet summer ready.  Are you feeling inspired to give this look a try?  We are sharing everything you need to create this style and the step by steps of how to achieve it.

On Trend Twisted Rope Braids by Iles Formula

1./ Prepping the Twisted Rope Braids

Starting with wet hair, apply Iles Formula Finishing Serum from roots to the ends of your hair and comb it through for even distribution.    This will add a layer of protection while adding control to the Twisted Rope Braids.

2./ Creating Sections

Using a comb, part your hair down the center from front to back and use clips to secure both sides.  For this style, it's important that the part is perfect.  It may take a few times to get the part right, don't worry, at least you don't have to blow dry your hair right?

On Trend Twisted Rope Braids by Iles Formula

3./  Secure Both Sides

Once you have it parted out and clipped away, you can now secure both sides.  Using clear elastics, secure each side at the bottom of each section.  Be sure the elastics are secured tightly.  Sometimes doubling up and using more than one elastic is helpful.  If you have much thicker hair, you can use a stronger elastic than clear, just be sure the elastic matches your hair color.

4./  Create The Twisted Rope Braids

Now its time for the fun part, the Twisted Rope Braids.  Starting on one side, split the ponytail in half, so you have two sections that are the same size.  Twist each section two times tightly to the right, and holding the tension twist the right half over the left one complete time.  Then repeat the same process again.  Twisting both sections two times to the right, then twist the right over the left one time.  This process will continue until you have reached the ends.  Be sure to keep strong tension on the twists as you are working.  When you have finished, secure the ends with a clear elastic.  Repeat the same process on the other side.

On Trend Twisted Rope Braids by Iles Formula 

5./  Other Options for Twisted Rope Braids

There are many styles you can create using a Twisted Rope Braid if two braids are not your thing.  You can create a textured chignon by creating Twisted Rope Braids in your ponytail before wrapping  and securing it.  Also, one of our faves, is to create a single Twisted Rope Braid Ponytail like the style below.  Whichever version you choose, you will definitely be looking cool and feeling refreshed.

On Trend Twisted Rope Braids by Iles Formula

That is it!  How did you do?  We want to see your finished looks.  Share with us your selfie of this Twisted Rope Braids style by using this hash tag #IlesFormula. Let us know what you would like to see next in the comments.

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