Protect Your Hair Color in 5 Steps

Protect Your Hair Color in 5 Steps by Iles Formula
One of summer's hardest tasks is to stop color fade. Almost all permanent hair colors will fade if exposed to too much harsh sunlight. Blondes lift lighter and brunettes lift to tones of brassy red and golds. To protect your hair color this summer , follow the following 5 steps:

We protect our skin, so why not protecting our hair as well? In fact, there is no reason why you can not apply your skin UV protector to your hair. It will work the same way. The best protector for hair against UV rays  is Rene Furterer summer oil , it is also water proof.

Hats  are important, wear them, they really do help keep the sun off the hair.

Buy a gloss or shampoo toner. During your salon visit, you can buy a gloss or pigment shampoo or  apply a toner through the hair to add lost pigments and refresh color. They are not dangerous to use, as they are purely pigments that will wash away after several shampoos. They are wonderful for refreshing color and adding gloss and shine to the hair.

Be aware of swimming pools. The chlorine will quickly strip down color and at times turn blondes green ! Always wear a bathing cap. If you can not, shampoo and condition hair immediately once leaving the pool. The chlorine damage on some blondes may have already been done; the lighter the blonde the more chance of becoming green.  In this case  Redkin Pre Art treatment could help.

If your hair is long, apply a leave-in conditioner and wind it up on top in a tight topknot sliding the hair ends under the chignon to prevent them being exposed. The ends of the hair are the most fragile and will get the UV damage first.

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