Q&A Session: Questions Answered

Q&A Session: Questions Answered by Iles Formula
Carli Dovidio : A client always pulls warmth. I have tried my hardest to formulate a color that counters the warmth but it still does not work. What can I do ?

I have heard that certain medications can effect the color results ( due also to certain mineral content that builds up in the body ), it's worth asking the question. I presume you have selected ash colors and stayed away from warm color bases. It's important the color has a base of green which is ash. If you are unsure sample the color on a cotton swab, wipe it away and the residue of color left on the swab will show you the undertones of what's in the color. If it's ash, you will see a green tone, if there is warmth in the base you will see red orange undertones.

Lauren Billing : Clients with thick wiry coarse hair that's usually made up with grey or colored hair takes long to blow out. Seems I haven't found the product that helps.

I actually  find using product only takes longer. Try pre drying the hair first haphazardly to remove all the excess water and then start your dry from the base working upwards. Invest in some good water absorbing towels too. After the shampoo, allow the hair to be wrapped up for about 3 minutes to remove all excess water.

@anouk.k : Can you tell me a good shampoo that's good for hair? What can I do for my broken hair?

I'm bias, but if you can wait one month I'm about to launch ILES FORMULA. I have a finishing serum - that's number 3 of my range that will actually fuse the split ends together. Best of course is always to trim them away and then use something like my serum to prevent them coming back. My shampoo which is number 1 of my IlES FORMULA range is made up from virgin root juices from Brazil and several vitamins to strengthen the hair. I'd love you to try ILES FORMULA when it's launched. The products are the best I know and so focused on the highest performance for hair repair and care. Launching by mid April, so stay tuned.

@clairecolquhoun : What are your top tips for healthy thick hair ?

Choose your shampoo and conditioner well. Trim the ends every 6 to 8 weeks even if growing the hair to prevent the ends splitting. If your hair is long, be aware of the way you attach it. Be sure the elastics are covered with fabric, don't use rubber bands which will weaken and break the hair. Vitamin C, B, vitamins such as biotin, vitamin B7, H and niacin B3 have been known for help hair growth.

@luvcherylfv12 : What inexpensive shampoo and conditioner are the best to replenish hair. To make it less frizzy and healthier ?

Often the cheaper the shampoo, the less quality the product. Mass market brands often contain harsh detergents and sulphates which dry the hair and scalp out. It's better to invest more money on a good brand with no harsh detergents, sulphates and paraben. If you really don't have the budget to spend money on a high performance brand which will cost around 50 euros for a shampoo and conditioner, I'd suggest looking at the professional brands like L'Oreal and Schwarzkopf  in the supermarket over a non professional brand.

@sammycheryl : What's the best way to get long healthy hair ?

Keep the ends trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks. This prevents the split ends occurring. Use a good shampoo and always condition hair. If the roots are oily then condition the mid-length and ends. I'm launching in April my IlES FORMULA finishing serum 3. It is full of vitamins and protects the hair from heat and environmental assault. You can use it every day, the hair just eats it up, becomes so strong and prevents split ends from occurring. It's really a benchmark serum and ideal for long hair. Its' miraculous I hope you can try it.

@missmegking : I have concave hair. It's short at the back but really long at the front. Both sides are thick but on the right side at the ends its really thin. How can I thicken this up?

It sounds like either the ends have been too thinned out with the cut or they have broken off.  If it's the fault of the cut you could add a track of hair or a clip in extension to add the weight. The secret is to find the human hair the same color. If the hair is broken then you need to repair. Try a test by holding the hair at mid-length and pull on the ends. If they snap you need to strengthen. I'm so bias about my new products I can only speak from my heart ILES FORMULA 3 will give you all the repair you need and instantly. There is no product on the market today that comes close for repair and care.

@tamgib01 : Is the woman ever too old for long hair ? I'm 44 and overheard my hairdresser had a conversation of older women with long hair and how inappropriate it is ! Anyone over 35 is trying to hold on to something were the exact words. Also how many products are ok to put in hair? I usually put in 2, an oil before drying and shine after dry on shampoo day. Lastly, what are hair vitamins  that are truly beneficial ?

Oh I totally disagree. I know so many beautiful youthful women over 40 with long hair. In fact if they cut their hair in my opinion, it would age them. The secret is, to be sure the hair is healthy and always groomed. This makes the difference. I believe in vitamins as they penetrate to the blood stream which in turn feeds the hair roots. It has to be beneficial. I love to see long hair looking like spun silk. I don't like using styling products myself. I'm over 40. I have long hair and I'm a maniac on keeping my hair in perfect condition. I use my ILES FORMULA shampoo, conditioner and a finishing serum at the moment of each wash during the week and nothing more.

@lea_uniiicorn : What is hair fashion for this summer and what color?

The fashion shows have all just passed. The ponytail got a big mention, whereas last season it was about braids.  Also the trend of long easy hair is still a big favorite although of late I see more and more people cutting their hair to shoulder length. I believe this is when someone famous cuts off their long hair a million others follow. I'm speaking of Kim kardashian and her shoulder length bob. The trend colors are mostly natural hues ( nothing too artificial ) except for blondes where there is a big trend still from last season for the platinum white blonde.

@_.justemilia._ : My tips are broken and I do not know what I can do. I also want to dye my brunette hair purple. Is it harmful ?

If your hair is really broken cut them off and then start again with good products to prevent the ends splitting. Conditioners are important to use, as they keep the hair scales sealed down preventing things like dryness and split ends from occurring. You could possibly trim your ends yourself if your hair is long. take small sections and twist them around and around at the ends all the split ends will stand out up the hair shaft. this way you snip them off up the hair shaft and retain the length. Depending on what shade of purple you want. If it's bright purple you will need to bleach lighter your dark brown hair before adding the purple, so yes this adds stress to the hair. If it's just a hue of purple over your natural brown, this wont harm at all your hair, especially as these colors anyway are pure pigment colors without chemicals like peroxide being used. Each wash they disappear a little more lasting about 4 to 6 shampoos.

Thanks to you all for your good questions. I hope the answers are helpful.

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