Red Carpet Curls

Red Carpet Curls by Iles Formula
This relaxed curl movement in hair is one of the most asked for by celebrities for their red carpet events . The image here is of model Erin Wasson. I've worked a lot with Erin for Maybelline commercials. She has good hair, fine textured but a lot of it. She has a beautiful natural wave that she prefers for herself to wear less polished  with a more rock and raw attitude .

I have several techniques to achieve this look ,one of them being to create the look with a one inch straightening iron instead of curling iron. To do this, take sections haphazardly around the iron turning toward the centre back. To add a more polished effect like the photo , add some finishing serum or leave in conditioner to mid lengths and ends. Mousse tends to make hair crunchy, which is not a good look. Please dont use hairspray , the style must move and live naturally to look its best .

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