Richard Avedon

If you are in LA  and close to Rodeo Drive , I recommend you  visit Gagosian Gallery to see  their exhibition on Richard Avedon. Six decades of his work are shown from his beginning as a photographer in the 1940's to his death in 2004. i remember reading in the New York Times that Avedon 's fashion and portraits helped define what was America 's style for the second part of last century. I certainly agree with that and this retrospective is the proof of that.

More than 100 silver gelatine photographs form the core of the exhibition. An additional room is devoted to his unedited color work that are images we all well remember including the famous Versace campaigns with Stephanie Seymour , Nadja Alderman , Cindy Crawford , Christy Turlington and Claudia Schiffer but my favorite there is a Warhol type portrait of Twiggy , see in nstagram @wendyiles or twitter @ileswendy

Richard Avedon by ILes Fprmula

Unpublished hair images that particularly caught my attention .

Richard Avedon by Iles Formula

The subject of the exhibition is all about Women, both  well-known or anonymous , ranging from celebrities and models to his friends and family.

The book "Avedon Women" comprises of  slip out pages in poster format , which are  perfect to slip into any frame. It's a must for Christmas this year . The exhibition is on until the 21st of December
"Gagosian Gallery"
456 North Camden Drive
Beverly Hills

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