Rita Ora

Working with Rita was a real treat. She arrived on set in London at Spring Studios with her sister Elena and her agent. Rita’s Mum came in toward the end of day to watch us work.

After discussing the story direction with the Elle team and photographer Thomas Whiteside, Rita did a fitting with the stylist Anne Marie Curtis and once clothes were decided we got started on hair. I trimmed Rita’s hair a little to soften off the ends that were cut too blunt.

We did 2 types of hair that day, loose beachy waves for one portrait that you will see in the behind the scenes video below, and then a very understated hair simply brushed away off the face for the fashion story. I applied a vitamin E cream to her hair to add a damp effect. It also added texture and kept the hair off her face in an organized way. Rita’s face was the perfect canvas for makeup artist Kirstin Piggott, who put concentration on Rita’s eyebrows and lips. The manicurist Jenny Longworth did very natural nails which complemented everything perfectly.

Click on this link to see the BEHIND THE SCENES

The results of the cover and story can be seen on my facebook .

Rita Ora by Iles Formula

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