Rock, Paper and Scissors

I'm always looking for threads of information that will inspire me one way or another. On a visit to Beaubourg in Paris I stumbled across this Fernand Leger painting, "La lecture " (1924). I really love the way he paints hair and I keep also books on him as reference, waiting for the right moment.

"Rock, Paper and Scissors" is what I came with. All the hair was created from paper which I painted like hair strands, then cut  forms to resemble a hair style.

The clothes and accesories were made also from  paper  by Carol Legrand. She took fashion pieces from the collections at the time this was shot, and reproduced them in paper. This story was shoot by Laura and Manuele Geromini now being part of my archives. To see more click here.

Rock, Paper and Scissors by Iles Formula

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