Irish Red is "IN" for Fall

Irish Red is “IN” for Fall by Iles Formula
Irish red is "IN" for fall

What better season to be a red head than autumn!  In nature, the redder the leaf the more nutrients are being stored up for the upcoming winter ahead. And as hairstyles, fashion, and hair color follow nature for their inspiration, all of the big players in the hair color market are doing it:  Goldwell, Wella, Schwarzkopft, and L'Oreal, are promoting the Irish red tones this season...

Have you ever heard of a blonde or brunette convention? No! Each year in Ireland about 1,000 redheads gather in Ireland for a fierce party. There are other gatherings around the world too, including Redhead Day in The Netherlands.

Although in Ireland, up to ten percent of the population are redheads, around the globe just two percent of people are blessed with flaming locks. Their hair is a gingery beacon among a boring sea of brown and blonde.

"The more you apply red to the hair, the more it stays and the less it fades, but it is also just about the hardest color to totally remove from the hair. Going from dyed red to blonde is a real process." In short, if you’re going to go for spectacular auburn tresses, you need to fully commit.
Irish Red is "IN" for Fall by Iles Formula
Irish Red is "IN" for Fall by ILes Formula
A good idea is to vary the red going progressively lighter as it gets to the ends. This is what happens naturally to hair over the summer, so simply adapt it into the color technique, and capture the remnants of "summer ends" on your new red tones.
Irish Red is "IN" for Fall by Iles Formula
An easy way for brunettes to join in is to warm light the auburn tones throughout their dark hair. I particularly like the image on left where the ends appear almost sun-kissed with finer warm lights connecting the color through the root area. To achieve these sparkling colors on dark hair, the hair is often lightened first then a warm color is over-layed.  The entire head of hair retains a warm glow for a perfect autumn feel.
Irish Red is "IN" for Fall by Iles Formula
For the more adventurous among us, use reds with a tinge of blue burgundy. Sure this is a less natural look and your hair will obviously look colored, but why not. The tones are a personal choice and if you're confident that you will wear it like it belongs to you, it is a distinctive and confident look for fall.
Irish Red is "IN" for Fall by Iles Formula
Irish Red is "IN" for Fall by Iles Formula
The lasting beauty of autumn reds is that it can be worn by all ages. Just look at Grace Coddington a former model and current Editor of American Vogue who at 74 is famous for her long red locks worn beautifully since forever.
Irish Red is "IN" for Fall by Iles Formula
Also, Nicole Kidman is one of Hollywood's hottest redheads, sporting her rich, sexy locks for over a decade now.
Irish Red is "IN" for Fall by Iles Formula
As always, healthy and shiny hair is always required so be sure to use the right products to preserve your color and make your hairstyle stand out. Try my Iles Formulas. The number 1 formula is a specially formulated sulfate free and paraben free shampoo.  Conditioner number 2 instantly closes the hair scales preserving your color and delivers our unmatched signature spun silk texture. The number 3 formula has color protectors and UV filters to help protect your color from fading no matter what the weather conditions may be.

All of our products have been stress tested on commercial sets all over the world. Iles Formulas products are requested by the most knowledgeable and respected beauty experts and models who have experienced first-hand the miraculous benefits of our unique line.

When you use the entire Iles Formula hair care regimen you need nothing more. Keep your hair beautiful, healthy and easy to style and your fall fashion look can truly be captivating.

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