Sculptured Treasures

Haute couture weeks are exciting as there are always good surprises. Here is the shooting I did with Photographer Armin Morbach with the help of Katrin Gerhardy (styling) and Loni Baur (make up). These two dresses are from new young talented designers left  Clarisse Hieraix and right Laura Gargulla.

Below you can see some " behind the scenes " images I took on the day of this fashion shoot for Tush Magazine. The Dresses were extraordinary. The bronze colored dress by Iris Van Herpen was extremely heavy and the white dress you see below by Theresa Schmidt was made from fiberglass. Most dresses from this story were totally unwearable in my opinion, but wonderful for a photo shoot.

As the clothes had a certain distorted shape and texture, I wanted to keep the head shape small adding even a more strange dimension to the photo image.  I  created this hairdo from adding a moist like texture and worked with many fine strands wrapping them around the head, a bit as if a lace helmut was being worn. I created freedom in the ends of the hair by letting them spill over collars and shoulders .

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Sculptured Treasures by Iles Formula

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