Stylight Awards 2016

From our last trip to Berlin, and from the Stylight Awards 2016 ceremony, we are sharing with you this little recap.

It's no secret that social media is slowly but surely taking over our world. The Stylight Awards help to show the brighter side of this phenomenon.

This Year for the Stylight Awards 2016, the judges, nominees, and attendees took over Berlin Fashion Week. What better time to celebrate, not only style, but influence than during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ?!

Stylight Awards 2016 by Iles Formula

The Stylight Awards were created to celebrate not only fashion, but inspirational influencers as well as digital influencers. Its star studded panel of judges included Lena Gerke, Julian Jansen, Mischa Barton, Max Muller, and Wendy Iles. The night was full of lights, cameras, and a ton of hashtag action as most of the attendees captured their most memorable moments on social media as they awaited the judgement on all the awards to be given throughout the evening.

Here is a video of wendy Iles while presenting the Beauty Award. Iles Formula even got a mention, as the commentator during rehearsals tried our Finishing Serum and is now addicted.




The Fashion Award, Beauty Award, Vision Award, and Lifestyle Award were to be awarded to one of each of its categories nominees. The National style Icon of the Year award, however, did not have any nominees and was to simply be announced at the show to the most stylish and most business savvy of them all.

Stylight Awards 2016 by Iles Formula

After all the votes and ballots were in, the winners were announced :

Candela for the Fashion Award

Nova Lana Love for the Beauty Award

Madeleine Shaw for the Lifestyle Award

A Little Nation for the Vision Award

While Wendy Iles, was only on the red carpet for a bit, we were able to get some behind the scenes exclusives with her.

Stylight Awards 2016 by Iles Formula

We hope you liked this little recap about Stylight Awards 2016.

Let's keep in touch for the next news.





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