Swinging London

If you have missed Outtakes the exibition on Vidal Sassoon at the Somerset House , London  you have the chance to catch up. Rizzoli have published an accompanying book: How One Man Changed the World with a Pair of Scissors available at Rizzoli bookstores worldwide.

Sassoon revolutionized hair, he saved women from frequent salon visits, hours in rollers and overhead dryers by giving them timeless haircuts that would stay fresh long after they left the salon.

Weekly salon visits turned into 6 weeks cut visits. He is famous for his invention of sharply graphic haircuts. Something I'm personally greatful for, other than everything else he taught me, is that he elevated the status of the professional  hairdresser from a service provider to a respected artist.

A slogan embedded in my brain from my early Sassoon days "It's the Cut that Counts"  and so it does.

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