Take Your Bob To Another Level

If you have a bob haircut and you're looking for new ways to style it, then this weeks journal is just for you.  We are sharing ways to Take Your Bob To Another Level. Sometimes, just switching up the way you style your hair is just enough to make you feel like you've made a drastic change.  Take a peek at some of our tips for giving your bob a boost.

Take Your Bob To Another Level by Iles Formula


Channel Your Inner "Blondie"

Want to take your bob to another level? How about going for a "Blondie" look! It's all about not brushing or combing the hair too much.  Utilize your fingers instead of a brush or comb to create a more lived in vibe.  Follow the steps below to Take Your Bob To Another Level.

1/ Dry the hair upside down freestyle with your blow dryer then shake back into position. By drying this way you create lots of texture. (Its good not to have product on the roots at this stage so hair lays back into place better.)

2/  Once the hair is dry, place some of our Iles Formula Finishing Serum in your hands and distribute it throughout the textured bits that are most evident. You don't need to put it all over the hair. Refrain from combing, just let the serum disappear naturally.

3/ Finally, all you have to do is literally shake and go.  For this style, the more lived and and messy looking the better.  Think of it as "Messy With A Purpose".

The Serum we prefer for this style is our Iles Formula Finishing Serum, because it dries fast into the hair and the texture is perfect.  You will find it helps to create the most beautiful natural texture in the hair but yet appears you have no product  on the hair.


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